My Modern Nursery #4: Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day! I did it!  A pink nursery.  I was able to channel the Valentine spirit and used it to inspire this pink and red nursery that is full of love.

1- Organic Loveliness Crib Set from Pixel Modern Pieces- $340

2- Miguel Cassandra baby crib

3- Peace & Love Mobile from Flensted Mobiles- $30

4- Vitra George Nelson White Ball Clock– $365

5- Vola Glider from Monte Design– $995

6- Gandia Blasco Persa 6×8 Rug– $1582

7- Lights Up! Weegee Floor Lamp With Linen Shade Red Mumm fabric- $460

8- Cranes in Cranberry Red by sugarloop on Etsy– $20

9- Bunglie Pig and Junglie Giraffe from Jellycat– $20

10- Nurseryworks Two-Wide Changing Table- $1550


New Addition: Grano Glider Recliner from Monte

Monte has added a new chair to their amazing collection of rockers and gliders.  In my opinion they are the benchmark for nursery seating.  Their latest addition is the Grano Glider Recliner— their first recliner.  It’s perfect for when you want to put your feet up but don’t want to take up extra floor space with an ottoman.  This chair is sleek enough to keep in your bedroom or in the living room as well.

Some argue that a rocker or glider is an unnecessary item in a nursery but I have found it to be an essential.  It’s not just a spot to sit while you’re nursing, but you will use it to snuggle during your bedtime reading routine for years and it’s a perfect place to sit and relax while you watch your child play.

My Modern Nursery #1: Goldfish Bowl

I was so inspired by Argington’s new Fish and Pebbles bedding that I but together a nursery for it.

1- Argington’s Fish and Pebbles Bedding- $185

2- Eva Pink/Orange Foam Stools Set of 2

3- Muu Ray Dresser- $895 plus $125 for changing platform

4- Monte’s Alto Rocker– $895

5- FL/Y Suspension Lamp– $350

6- Muu Ray Crib– $845

7- Rug from Surya

8- Jennifer Delonge Chester Storage- $599

9- Wallter Pam Mobile- $120

10- Goldfish Pillow in Mandarin – Thomas Paul– $105



Time to blog

I never thought I was going to start blogging, but now I realize this day was inevitable.  After maintaining for 4 years, I finally feel the need to add a companion blog to the site. I believe the product guide is a wonderful resource on its own, but there are so many items and ideas that just don’t fit into the neat categories.

First let me tell you about It started, like so many other parent websites and blogs do, when I was expecting my first child. I had an idea about what I DIDN’T want to buy for my nursery and the type of thing I thought I was looking for. I DIDN’T want ruffles, or bears or trucks or duckies. I didn’t want licensed characters or shabby chic. I wanted simple, sophisticated and modern, but this was almost five years ago and finding what I wanted was extremely difficult– particularly since I don’t live in New York or California. After months of searching the web, I had found a few online retailers that each had a small selection of modern nursery furnishings and accessories.  From these and a lot of compromises, I was able to piece together a nursery I love.

By the time I had picked everything out I knew just about every company, product and store that fit my taste. With this information, I created a guide where someone like me could find all the choices that were out there without having to do all the research. Over the years I have kept up with the explosion of new companies, lines and products and have continued to update the guide so it remains a comprehensive source for finding the hottest and coolest baby products, gear and furnishings.

I am a little envious of newly expecting parents.  There are SOOO many great new choices each and every year.  I know if I were shopping today I would have picked out many different things– though I don’t regret any of my choices!

I don’t get a huge amount to traffic to my site but I hope that a few people who have stumbled across it have found it useful in some way and I’d love to know that someone found just the right crib or bedding or shower gift because of something they discovered here.  So with that in mind, and a passion for ridding the world of nurseries with ruffles, bears, trucks and duckies, I will continue to discover the most modern and stylish furnishings, gear and accessories available to you in North America.

So my plan for this blog is to find great child and baby spaces that reflect the types of rooms that can be created with the types of products on  I hope to find and share rooms that illustrate what happens when you get the right combination of items, combine them with your own style, personality and creativity.

In case you’re interested, photos of our nursery (the second incarnation of it) are at

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