My Modern Nursery #13: Lily’s Room from “Modern Family”

Modern Family” is new on my list of favorite shows. It’s a short list as there’s not much worth watching– and I LOVE TV. I even have an MS in Television Production to prove it. One of the things I love about the show is the gorgeous sets. The one that really catches my eye of course, is the nursery for Mitchell and Cameron’s daughter Lily.
Most people only notice the ridiculous mural, but there’s lots of fun stuff to discover in Lily’s nursery. I have to mention that the room was changed after the Pilot episode and some of my favorite stuff was replaced. This made it look a little more realistic and more like a room someone uses, but I’m going to put the room together as it was designed for the pilot.
Many of the furnishings and accessories here are exactly as used in the show but I have taken some liberties with a few items where I wasn’t able to identify the exact item used on the set and to create a cohesive design. I have no inside connections at the show and was doing this from screen shots.

Lily's Nursery from the Pilot of "Modern Family"

1- Wall Art by Sally Bennett- Oopsy daisy Collection– $45
“Ella Elephant” and “Puddles” are used on the show.

2- Polka Dots and Pink Roses on White Base Lamp from Oopsy daisy design- $138
On the Mini Library in the Pilot and moved onto a table near the crib in later episodes.

3- Oeuf Mini Library– $620

4- P´kolino Clothes Tree– $78
This isn’t actually in the room but there is a coat rack in the room.  I think this one would be more interesting.

5- Silk Multistripe Panel from Pottery Barn Kids- $89-$129 each
These are not the exact drapes used in the show. But they are pastel striped drapes.  The ones in the show aren’t floor length and they have a lot more color in them.

6- Saarinen Womb Chair– $2,763
This was only in the room for the pilot.  I don’t know if it was a real one or a knock-off of course.  I actually really like the chair they replaced it with but I haven’t figured out what it is yet.

7- Verdi the Monkey– from blabla kids- $44

8- Amenity Woods Organic Blanket– $115
Saw this hanging over the front of the crib

9- Rosy Angelis Floor Lamp by Flos– $700
If this isn’t the exact lamp, then it’s awfully close.

10- Large Cherry Blossom Birdies from winborgdesign on etsy- $245

11- Litto Kids Manhattan Crib and
Litto Kids Manhattan Dresser

12- Ball Chair

Try to spot more in this post-Pilot “tour” of the room.

And let me know if you figure out what the current chair they use is.

My Modern Nursery #11: Under $3,000

Not everyone likes to go full on into minimal modern design.  This room uses modern furnishings with a warm color palette and subtle Asian influence.  It is cozy space for baby that would appeal to those who weren’t particularly looking for a modern style nursery but wanted something unique and sophisticated.

I would keep the bedding simple with just the bedskirt and some white or cream colored sheets (organic would be best).  Bumpers aren’t recommended and since I don’t like the bumper that comes with the set, I wouldn’t bother with it.  Fortunately you can buy the pieces individually.

1- Wabi Sabi Crib Skirt by Glenna Jean– $62
Black and Tan Checked Pillow– $31
Wabi Sabi Rust Pillow w/ fold by Glenna Jean– $39

2- Argington Bam Crib- $585

3- Ikea Rutbo Floor Lamp– $60

4- Ikea Lillberg Rocking Chair– $150

5- Pakistani Bokhara Red Rug– $924

6- Birds of a Feather Mobile– $65

7- Ikea Rutbo Table Lamp– $30

8- Argington Bam Six-Drawer Dresser– $700

9- On The Way To Grandmother’s House– Limited Edition Print from pumml on esty- $59

10- Playsam Rocking Horse– $210

Total= $2705

You’ll also need to add a crib mattress, crib sheets and changing platform (unless you just want to sit on the floor, which is what I do most of the time anyway).  The most expensive item is the rug, so you can reduce the total cost by finding a less expensive rug or using one that you already own.

My Modern Nursery #7

I think this modern nursery has a lot of potential.  It almost works as a neutral backdrop for whatever else you’d want to do with it.  I can imagine this in so many different spaces from lofts with exposed brick, to a room with elaborate traditional moulding and details.

1- Oilo Wheels Motif Crib Set– $400

2- Spot on Square Eicho Crib– $595

3- Duktig Mini-Kitchen from Ikea– $140

4- LZF Onion Pendant Light– $960

5- Two Barn Owls print from pictureplane shop on etsy- $10

6- Spot on Square Eicho Changing Station– $675

7- Expedit shelves from Ikea– $160

8- Toe the Line in Dark Lagoon– Floor Tiles from FLOR 8×10- $270

9- Toys from Ikea- $6-$13 each

10-  Eames Molded Plastic Rocker– $550

New Addition: Rikshaw Design Crib Bedding

Modern does not have to be cold, austere or plain.   Rikshaw Design has four gorgeous hand block print crib bedding sets that would be at home in any modern baby’s room.  I’m in love with the Udaipur set (top left) with the giraffes.  I have a thing for giraffe’s at the moment.

The sets are made in India and retail for $380.

My Modern Nursery #6: Budget Boy (under $2000)

This boy’s nursery was inspired by Dwell Studio’s Traffic Crib Set made for Target.  I’m usually not into doing themed rooms like this but I tried to keep it subtle.  I know my boys would enjoy the automotive theme and they’re not unique in that way.  I also really love the Space set, which would require a slight shift in the color palette and a few changes in accessories.  This nursery (without tax and shipping) retails for $1680!

1- DwellStudio for Target Traffic Crib Set– $75
and DwellStudio for Target Silver Lake Convertible Crib– $250

2- Bilana Swivel Glider Recliner from Best Chairs- $670

3- notNeutral Transport Throw Pillow– $50

4- Skojig Lamp from Ikea– $20

5- DwellStudio for Target Silver Lake Bookcase Walnut– $130

6- DwellStudio for Target Traffic Rug– $80

7- Kids Vintage Transportation Wall Art Signs– $20 each ($60 for 3)

8- DwellStudio for Target Silver Lake Changing Table in Walnut/White– $250

9- Kids’ Storage Containers: Woven Storage Collection– from $8 to $15 ($45 as shown)

10- Mammut Table and Stools from Ikea– $50

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New Addition: Rapid Rocker by Ralph Rapson

This stylish chair was first built in 1939 for the museum of Modern art.  In 1948 knoll produced a similar chair as part of their ‘Rapson Line’.  Today the chair is back in production and you can be the proud owner of this modern, timeless rocker.

Read more about the history of this chair at KCMODERN.  It is now featured at buymodernbabyseats where you can find a great variety of gliders and rockers to choose from for your nursery.


Etsy Find: Grey and Mustard Crib set

I know there are tons of amazing things on etsy but I also know that I get so overwhelmed when I try to find something for a specific application.  When I come across something that I love but I wasn’t really looking for, I save it to my favorites so that I can find it again later, when I might be looking for something specific.  I’m going to start sharing some of these favorites with you.

My first discovery is a crib set that I found while searching for mobiles.  The photo just inspired me and has me dreaming up another girl’s nursery.  The set is two pieces- crib skirt and blanket featuring Amy Butler’s Martini fabric in mustard and Optic Blossom in linen.  Please visit dabydarling’s shop for more.

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