New Addition: Closet Dividers from Oré Originals

This is one of my favorite baby gift ideas ever and is my latest addition to buymodernbabygifts.  These closet dividers from SugarBooger by Oré Originals are one of those gifts that parents don’t know they need but will absolutely love!  I have a set and after you’re done using them to separate baby clothes sizes, you can use them to divide the closet into different categories (like separating long and short sleeves).  The dividers come in a great variety of designs and colors so you’ll find something to match almost any nursery.



New Addition: BuyModernBabyGifts

One of the most exciting days for buymodernbaby is the addition of a new guide.  Today I am releasing buymodernbabygifts.  This one has been brewing for a long time and I am excited to premiere it tonight.

There many different types of gifts that are wonderful for baby showers, new baby gifts or first birthday presents.


Many people love to buy clothes and there are so many wonderful gift sets that would thrill any new mother.  I do not claim to be an expert in fashion, so if you would like to give clothing, I’m sure there are lots of other guides that find the most interesting, most comfortable or the most stylist baby clothes.


Gifts from a family’s registry are always welcome (though I’m sure you’ll agree that many first time parents have no idea what they really will or won’t need).  I never did register for anything when I was expecting but many people take the time to select what they would like and don’t really want anything extra.


I think books are always a wonderful gift and my favorite baby books are on buymodernbooks.


I also think that a bathtub and some bath toys and towels make wonderful gifts.  Lots of these items are on buymodernbathroom.


A baby bouncer from buymodernbabyseats or bassinet from buymodernbassinets are perfect if you are feeling really generous.


For anything else that doesn’t fit in the other lists, I have put together buymodernbabygifts.  It is a guide with all the little treasures that make special and memorable gifts to gift and receive.  I have broken the items down by price point and there is something to fit every budget.  I’d love to hear your comments and any other gift ideas you may have!

Shopping Guide: Rubber Duck Roundup

I really believe that every bathroom needs at least one rubber duck.  (I am actually a recovering rubber duck collector and have a box of duckies in the hall closet!) Find a favorite for your bathroom with this guide.  Maybe I should start finding new homes for my old collection…

First off, Boon Inc., has a cool set of “Odd Ducks.”  These are PVC, phthalate, and BpA free.  Meet Bob, Jane, Slim and Squish!

The Floating Ducks from Kid O are sleek and streamlined.  The mother and baby duck stack and rock together.

Bud has a huge line of Luxury Ducks and you can be sure to find one to match your style… if you can pick just one!

For a while I was obsessed with Rubba Ducks.  They float great and I love that they don’t fill with water.  Not all are made to go into water as some have cloth parts.

You could go kitchy and grab a Celebriduck.  I’m having lots of trouble resisting the James Brown– oh, and the Wizard of Oz character… please help!

Elegant Baby has some colorful duckies.


And finally, if I had to keep just one, Original Rubber Ducks are soft and squishy and squeeky.

And if these examples aren’t enough to inspire a rubber ducky purchase, maybe another ducky lover will convince you…

Shopping Guide: For the Birds

Spring has sprung and we’re going outdoors.  The birds are traveling north and what better way to encourage them to nest in your yard than one of these gorgeous birdhouses and bird feeders.

While putting together this post, I found I was not the first to come up with this idea (I didn’t think I was) and so I will first send you over to the terrific collection of modern birdhouses put together at DesignMilk.  I had found a few of the ones Catrina found so I’ve left them off my list.  I also found a great collection of bird feeders at 2GreenThumbsUp.  Here are some MORE houses and a feeder that were not included in those posts…

Folding Bird House $50 at the MoMA Store

Modern Marvel Bird House $55 from Bowenbirdhouses’ shop on etsy

Modern Marvel Bird House

LittleHouse Bird House $63 from MacPdesign’s shop on etsy

LittleHouse Bird House (Yellow)

Roost $125 from Hepper
Modern Birdhouse

Eva Solo Bird Box $88

The birdhouse at our house may not be quite as stylish, but I love it anyhow.  My son and his grandfather build and painted it (from a kit) and hung it in the tree together.  It has never been inhabited by a family of birds, but it adds some extra personality to that corner of the yard…

New Addition: Green Toys

As Earth Day approaches we all at least have a heightened awareness of all things green and eco-conscious.   I’ve already discussed their toy trucks (which I have added to buymoderntoys), but Green Toys has lots of other fun products made in the USA from recycled plastic milk jugs.

I truly can’t begin to decide which of these products I would choose first!  As a set of first blocks, their BPA, PVS, phthalate free Blocks would make a beautiful gift for only $25.

Green Toys Blocks

The Chef Set, Gardening Kit and Tugboats are also safe and durable playthings.

Chef Set - Green Toys Inc.Green Toys Three Tug Boats - Eco Friendly

My boys in particular would LOVE this set of tools.  I love how they are labeled on the handles.  This set retails for $25 as well. (Buy through my amazon affiliate link for $19.)

Tool Kit - Green Toys™ - Good Green Fun™

Check out this video of the blocks in action.

New Addition: FlexiBath

Finally, as of this month, the FlexiBath is available in the US!  I’ve been waiting to share this one and have just added it to buymodernbathroom.

This hard plastic tub folds flat for storage and weighs just under 3 pounds.  This tub is great if you want to use it after baby can sit up and would save lots of water over filling up the entire tub just for my toddler.  The tub retails for about $40 and can be ordered through my amazon affiliate link.  Right now you can only find it in pink, white and blue, (boring- boo!) but I hope more colors will be available soon.

Etsy Find: Portable Growth Charts

Last week I featured growth chart wall decals.  This week I’ve assembled a collection of growth charts that are portable and can be easily taken from house to house.

Custom 1-2-3 Grow With Me

Custom 1-2-3 Grow With Me from inklore’s etsy shop- $50

Heirloom Growth Chart

Heirloom Growth Chart from MissNatalie’s etsy shop– $56

Height growth chart, hand pulled screen print onto 100 percent recycled card, poppy red (also in azure blue)

Height growth chart, hand pulled screen print from boldandnoble’s etsy shop– $62

MeasureMe Stick

MeasureMe Stick from Studio1am’s etsy shop– $120

…and I made one for our family with a doorpost I bought at the hardware store.

Etsy Find: Personalized Alphabet Posters

These customizable alphabet posters may just be the special, personal art you want for you child’s room.

modern personalized alphabet wall art - mixed up.

modern personalized alphabet wall art – mixed up 11″x14″ $25 from westwillow

ABC KIDS CUSTOM Name Print (Primary Colors)

ABC Kids Custom Name Print 16″x24″ $49.50 from jenniferramos

13x19 Alphabet Print - 7 colour choices for names

Alphabet Print 13″x19″ $25 from pennypeople

Nursery Art Alphabet Poster Make It Personal Custom Wall Art

Nursery Art Alphabet Poster Make It Personal Custom Wall Art 11″x14″ $23 from ThePaperTray

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