Baby Shower Gifts: Books for Mom (or Dad) and for Baby

These books are saved on a list in my amazon account where I keep my ideas for gifts for baby showers and new baby gifts.  I opened the list today and realized I had never shared these with you.

If you want some great books to start a phenomenal child’s library, try any of these:

Mini Masters Boxed SetNutshell Library (Caldecott Collection)

Parents are anxious to do everything right and will appreciate books and guides of their own.  A few that make great gifts:

baby wrapping for beginnersBig Rigs for Moms: A Crash Course in Sons for New Mothers

If you need any other book suggestions, visit buymodernbooks, where I share all our house favorites.  For even more gift suggestions, see buymodernbabygifts.

Etsy Find: Toys from Just Hatched

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again: visit etsy EVERY DAY!  I discovered Amanda and Joe Troxell’s etsy shop justhatched yesterday when they were the featured etsy sellers.  You may or may not have already seen them on Cool Mom Pick or Ohdeedoh, but I must have missed them.

My favorite item is their wooden leaf puzzle ($38).

Visit their shop to find other gorgeous gift ideas.

House Blocks Wood toy animals - Woodland set of 4

Wooden Fruit set - play food Wooden Car Stacker

New Addition: Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker

I added the Beaba Babycook to buymodernbabygifts. It’s an absolutely perfect idea in the $100-$200 gift category. It’s now available in two colors– the original sorbet (green) combo and new the latte/mint version.

Beaba also has a great variety of additional mealtime products that you could add to made this gift even more special like the multiportion freezer containers and spoon and fork sets.

MultiportionsBeaba spoons and forks

Throw in the Beaba babycook book and you’ve got a gift that can’t be beat.
Beaba Babycook Cook Book

Shopping Guide: Back to School Art Supplies

Back to school time is always a great time to stock up on art and craft supplies.  Whether or not your baby is heading to preschool yet,  pick up these items to encourage creativity and keep them busy!

From P’Kolino:

P'kolino Art Supplies

(find these on amazon using my affiliate link)

Mala Series from Ikea

(get these at your nearest Ikea)

Crayon Rocks

Crayon Rocks

(you can order these now with my amazon affiliate link)

Clementine Art

(these are all available through my amazon affiliate link)

Surfin Kids Easel- $180

InModern‘s Ecotots Art Easel

(you can find these at my affiliate amazon for $150)

New Addition: Joyababy Diaper Clutch

My latest addition to buymodernbabygifts is the bgreen diaper clutch from joyababy.  These are a perfect gift for any new mom.  She can drop this into any bag she owns and instantly turn it into a diaper bag.  It’s also easy to throw one into a glove box or stroller basket to be ready for changes whenever you’re out with baby.  It’s a gift that’s as stylish to give as it is to carry.

The clutch holds 2-3 diapers and a soft travel wipe pack.  The changing mat is machine washable and it’s all PVC free. 

Etsy Find: Sleepy King Plushies

I’ve seen these adorable little foxes around, but after last week’s tour of EJ’s Rockin’ Woodland nursery, I can no longer ignore the cuteness coming from Sleepy King’s etsy shop.

Choose a bear, bunny, squirrel, fox, cat, owl or preferably one of each!

Arthur Avocado - Woodland Bear Plush - Made to orderRamona Rose - The Sleepy Woodland Bunny Plush - Made to order

Arthur Avocado: Woodland Bear Plush $28 and Ramona Rose: The Sleepy Woodland Bunny $26

Belchik - The Mischievous Woodland Squirrel Plush - Made to orderCrimson- The Creepy Cute Albino Squirrel - made to order

Belchik: The Mischievous Woodland Squirrel $26 and Crimson: The Creepy Cute Albino Squirrel $25

You can follow Sleepy King (aka Savannah Carroll) on her blog and on twitter.

New Addition: Eames House Blocks from House Industries

I admit I got a little giddy when I saw these (thanks babyology and daddytypes!).  My head started swimming thinking of tots that must get these blocks as gifts and the parents who would think I’m the coolest for buying them.  Then I started wondering what kind of excuse I could come up with for needing a set of these sweet blocks for myself.eames blocks 1 Eames House Blocks   designer blocks for tiny tots

From House Industries, this toy version of Case Study No. 8 house will set you back $150 but they are as much a work of art as they are a plaything.
The set has 36 blocks (20 that make up the house and 16 that become the studio.  And now I will wipe up the drool and assure myself that my kids can enjoy their childhood without these particular playthings… or can they?

In the meantime, these have been added to buymoderntoys where hipsters and other cool, modern parents can choose these for their children’s well curated collection of toys.

While we’re talking about House Industries, let me recommend a few other toy/gift ideas:

Alexander Girard Memory Game for $320:Alexander Girard Memory Game by House Industries, Alexander Girard, eco-friendly games, sustainable wood toys, wooden games

Alexander Girard Puzzle for $250:

Alexander Girard Alphabet Blocks for $120:

New Addition: Traveller from Phil & Teds

I’m embarrassed that I hadn’t though of this before!  The Traveller portable crib from Phil & Teds would be an amazing gift for any new parent, especially if they ever travel anywhere.  How do I know?  We’ve got one of these.

When we travel we like to keep things as simple as possible so bringing the usual travel cribs along cramps our style and weighs us down.  You can’t always count on hotel cribs, and when you’re staying with friends or family, they aren’t always equipped with the proper infant/toddler sleeping accommodations.  The Traveller crib has got you covered.  This bed folds up small and weighs only 5 1/2 pounds.  Ours fits into the kids’ suitcase so it’s not even an extra piece to lug around.  It is durable, easy to assemble and I can pack it back into its carrying case without any trouble.

The Traveller would make an amazing shower or new baby gift, especially coming with the promise of taking the little one as an overnight house guest to give mom and dad a break!  It won’t take up a lot of space in the house while it’s not in use, and when they go anywhere, they will be set with a stylish, convenient, and easy to use place for baby to safely rest… and they’ll have you to thank for it!

The Traveller retails for $200 and is available on$product$

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