VTechThe innovative OXO brand has branched off into functional well-designed products for babies and children.  They were one of the most exciting exhibitors at this year’s ABC Kids Expo bringing with them lots of fun new products.  I hadn’t really looked at their line before (other than the nightlights) and I’m really impressed with what I see.

Their Bathing collection features the adorable Whale Pail as well as a tub kneeling mat, drain stopper, bath mat and hamper.

I haven’t featured their Sprout high chair yet but I really like it- especially in this Taupe/Birch color combination.

Where the OXO Tot collection really gets impressive though is their Feeding collection.  They’ve got an entire series of cups, dishes and flatware, baby food making accessories, and storage.

CupsEatingBaby Food PreparationBaby Food Storage

You can get most of these items now from our amazon affiliate link.  The Sprout Chair is available for pre-order ($250) and should ship in December.

New Addition: Go Eat High Chair from Mamas & Papas

It’s one of my favorite things when a product once only available on distant shores is brought to the US.  It’s that green grass on the other side suddenly growing in your own backyard.  So lucky us, Mamas & Papas has brought their highchairs to Babies R Us.   I’ve blogged about these chairs in my shopping guide about The High Chairs You Can’t Buy but I’m happy to update that now, and I’ve added them to your high chair guide on buymodernhighchairs.

The Loop Highchair features effortless height adjustment, 360° rotation, a reclining seat and a machine washable cover.  It retails for $360 and is available at Babies R Us.

The Go Eat Highchair features flip, fold and store action, 5 point safety harness and a footrest.  It is available at Babies R Us for $180.

Overstock Clearance at BabyAge

New Addition: Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker

I added the Beaba Babycook to buymodernbabygifts. It’s an absolutely perfect idea in the $100-$200 gift category. It’s now available in two colors– the original sorbet (green) combo and new the latte/mint version.

Beaba also has a great variety of additional mealtime products that you could add to made this gift even more special like the multiportion freezer containers and spoon and fork sets.

MultiportionsBeaba spoons and forks

Throw in the Beaba babycook book and you’ve got a gift that can’t be beat.
Beaba Babycook Cook Book

New Addition: Ikea Blames High Chair

What I love about our Ikea Antilop chair is that it just blends in with the rest of the dining area.  I didn’t want a frilly patterned monstrosity that screams “I’VE GOT A BABY HERE!”  On the other hand, we do have a baby, and he sits at the table with the rest of his family.  See?:

(Excuse the iPhone photography and ignore the crumbs on the floor)

Near the top you can see the white Antilop from Ikea.  Its gray legs are similar to the chrome legs of our white dining chairs.  At the bottom the 4 year old uses a Kaboost and has been using it since he was two.  He LOVES it and doesn’t let anyone else near his chair!  Anyway, the point is that nothing really stands out as too babyish yet we accommodate our family’s needs.

Now Ikea has another great high chair that will fit easily into the decor of many other dining spaces.  Available in black and red, the Blames high chair could be just what you’re looking for.  Available in stores for $60.

BLÅMES Highchair with tray black Width: 20 1/8 " Depth: 21 1/4 " Height: 36 5/8 " Seat width: 11 3/4 " Seat depth: 9 1/2 " Seat height: 22 "  Width: 51 cm Depth: 54 cm Height: 93 cm Seat width: 30 cm Seat depth: 24 cm Seat height: 56 cm  BLÅMES Highchair with tray red Width: 20 1/8 " Depth: 21 1/4 " Height: 36 5/8 " Seat width: 11 3/4 " Seat depth: 9 1/2 " Seat height: 22 "  Width: 51 cm Depth: 54 cm Height: 93 cm Seat width: 30 cm Seat depth: 24 cm Seat height: 56 cm

I’ve added this wonderful option to my list of high chairs at buymodernhighchairs.

(you can also order a Kaboost through my amazon affiliate link for just under $40)

New Addition: Pappy Youth Chair

If you’re looking for some fun color in your feeding furniture, the Pappy Youth Chair from Pali might be just the high chair you are looking for.  I spotted this chair in a photo taken at the 2010 ABC Spring Educational Conference Trade Show.  I hadn’t seen it before so I looked up Pali and added this chair to buymodernhighchairs.

Pappy Youth Chair, Lime

This chair features adjustable heights, a 3-point safety harness and removable tray (sold separately).

The finishes are non-toxic, lead-free and water based.

This seat retails for $350.  The tray is an additional $55 and there are fabric cushions for $50.

You can got one of these at our affiliate BabyEarth right now for $305.

Shopping Guide: The High Chairs You Can’t Buy (in the US)

When shopping for and buying baby gear and furnishings, I definitely found myself thinking the grass is greener on the other side.  There is a much better selection of modern baby products these days, but there are still things sold in Europe (and beyond) that are not for sale in the U.S.  I am very careful on buymodernbaby to only share products that can be purchased in the U.S. If it’s not available for order yet or isn’t sold here, it doesn’t make the cut. That doesn’t mean I’m not looking at them.

We can cross our fingers and hope some will be brought over, but for now we can just admire these high chairs.  As soon as we can purchase them stateside, you can be sure they will be added to buymodernhighchairs.

I discovered this first seat on lilsugar and it inspired the whole post.  The BABYBJÖRN high chair is one of my favorite designs yet.  It features a detachable tray and can fold up for storage.

Concord’s Spin high chair is another beautiful, foldable chair.  You could sneak this one home in your suitcase.


Cosatto makes a few attractive high chairs including the 3Sixti Circle and Noodle.

3Sixti CircleNoodle

Nuna’s high chair is another drool-worthy design.

Mamas & Papas makes this stylish Go Eat high chair which is coming out this summer.

They also have the Loop high chair.

And did you know that Brio makes high chairs too?  The Sit is left and Grow is right.  I love them both.


The more I search, the more product envy I get.  So I’m just going to leave it there for now.  I can assure you that I will revisit these if they are ever available for purchase in the U.S.  For now, visit buymodernhighchairs to see what IS available.

New Addition: Grow Up Booster Seat from Mutsy

Sometimes less is more and if you can get away with a $65 booster seat instead of a more expensive highchair, I say go for it! The Grow Up seat from Mutsy is available in lots of fun colors like Apple, Aqua, Blueberry, Mandarin, Nut and Raspberry. The seat can be used from when your child can sit up by themselves until about 4 years of age.

Get yours from our amazon affiliate.


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