Shopping Guide: Aquatic Animal Fabrics

Sorry about my little hiatus.  Someone, who shall remain nameless, sliced through the cable wire at our house Saturday morning and the cable company only just fixed it today.  Monday’s post was put up from Starbucks.  It’s so not okay to be at home without Internet service for four whole days.  Ugh.  Anyhoo….

This is the third installment of my fun fabrics series.  This time I’ve found aquatic animal fabrics.  I had to pare the choices down so I stuck just to fish, frogs and whales.  I must say the whales are by far my favorites!

1- Heather Ross Mendocino Swim Class Pacific FQ in Aqua
2- Mid-Century Modern Fish on Green by Kathy Hall
3- One Fish Two Fish Childrens Fabric by Sprout Design

4- Kawaii Cute Japanese Fabric Frog
5- Tossed Frogs Flannel
6- Smiling Frog Walking in the Rain

7- Zoo Menagerie – Whales – Multi by Eleanor Grosch
8- Birch Marine Organic Cotton Fabric Whale Love by Dan Stiles
9- Urban Zoologie Whales Aqua

Shopping Guide: Wild Animal Fabrics

The second installment of my fun fabrics series includes these animal prints.  I searched far and wide for the cutest elephants, hippos and giraffe fabrics that would not look cheesy in a modern nursery.  Any one can be used as a source of inspiration.

elephants, hippos, giraffes

Elephants: Spring Elephant Parade
Entertaining Elephants by Alexander Henry
Premier Prints Ele Chartreuse/White

Hippos: Little Cute Hippo Allover Print
Cute Hippos Fabric
Ikea Red Hippo Fabric (was on clearance at my Ikea so try etsy or ebay)

Giraffes: Giraffe Cotton Fabric Purple
Ice Giraffes
Giraffe Childrens Fabric by Sprout Design Carrot

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Shopping Guide: Truck Fabrics

You don’t want to go to crazy with a nursery theme, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include fun elements.  It’s hard to do a cool, modern room based on cars and trucks, but it can be done, particularly if you start with some great fabric accents as your inspiration.  Here are some fabrics that would be a great starting point:

Top Row: Michael Miller Fabrics- Honk Honk
Michael Miller Fabrics- Toot Toot
Michael Miller Fabrics- Haul It

Middle Row: David Walker Free Spirit Oh Boy! Collection DW25White
David Walker Free Spirit Oh Boy! Collection DW31Gold
Mod Cars- Green- Japanese Fabric

Bottom Row: Car Jersey Kokka Fabric from Japan
Trefle Cars, Trucks, Bus Japanese Fabric
Japanese Fabric- Cars in Town

I don’t sew, but browsing through the fabrics is sure inspiring me to learn!

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