New Name Wall Stickers from 41 Orchard

I love the new custom name wall stickers from one of our lovely advertisers, 41 Orchard.  With over a dozen designs for both boys and girls and your choice of colors and fonts, you have tons of wonderful options.

Some of my favorites are Blast Off, Caboose and Spring Time (although I may be partial to that one because of the name!).

You can also find a great collection of wall sticker letters in a selection of nice modern fonts.

Rich or Reasonable: Pico Pillows from Areaware or Laura Frisk Pillows

I was admiring the block printed animal pillows by Laura Frisk on etsy.  Her woodblock printed plush animal pillows are charming, fun and would go well in many-a-nursery. (Woodland Creatures Collection shown below)

As I looked at all the designs I was reminded of one of my favorite sources of animal pillows– the Fauna Pillows by Ross Menuez.  His photographic images are quite different from the block printed ones, but on a budget, Laura Frisk’s designs could be used for similar impact!

Fox Pico or Plush Fox Pillow in Yellow
Elephant Mini Cushion or Plush Elephant Pillow
Tabby Cat Mini Cushion or Orange Tabby Cat Throw Pillow


Kooroo Ceramic Animal Banks

There’s no question that a “piggy” bank is a wonderful gift for a new baby.  It’s a great decor piece, can become a sentimental heirloom and it’s useful in the meantime.  If you’re looking for the perfect bank to give as a gift, take a look at the ceramic animal banks from Kooroo.  These limited edition pieces are crafted in the US and are little works of art.  Prices range from $34 to $50

Their newer series of Mocha and Cream banks are $32.

In addition to the Lion and Elephants, they have Rhinos, Buffalo and Camels.  I’ll be looking forward to their future creations as well.

New Mobiles from The Modern Baby Co.!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen something fresh from The Modern Baby Co. Does anyone out there remember when they used to do crib bedding?  But I’m so excited that they’ve come out with three more designs in their collection of laser cut birch mobiles.

Joining the Butterfly, Whale and Lion, are the new Owl, Elephant and Giraffe. $40 each

I hope this is a new start for The Modern Baby Co. and that we’ll be seeing more from them in the future!

If you hurry, you can get any of the mobiles on The Mini Social (until 3/6) for $22 each!!  Feel free to use my referral link if you haven’t joined yet.

Real Room Tour: Blue But Gender Neutral Modern Nursery

Jodie Okun of Jodie Okun Interiors (also the mother of twins!) designed this beautiful space for her good friends– and what lucky friends they are!

I love the color combination with the aqua blue and the persimmon orange of the notNeutral Season rug and the back of the bookcase.

Just a quick comment about the Jenny Lind Crib.  While it is in no way “modern,” I fully support anyone who loves the ultra-traditional Jenny Lind style crib.  The style comes from before the era of the sleigh style crib that drives me batty, so it’s a great choice for something affordable and that will give you an eclectic look.  I think I might have to start a pin board just to show you Jenny Lind cribs in more modern nurseries in case you still don’t believe me.

The reading corner here is cozy and bright, and the art wall around the changing area is totally wonderful.  You may have noticed that it’s all about art walls these days and Jodie has executed it perfectly.

Speaking of art, her daughter did the series of pig drawings that hang over the crib.  It would be a great idea to have older siblings contribute to a new baby’s room with a great project like this.  The mobile is Cyclephants from Flensted.

Since I know you’re going to ask, Jodie and her friend found the giraffe at Homegoods.  How come I never find anything cool at Homegoods (except in other people’s carts)?!

I love when there’s an inspiration board to share with a nursery tour.  It’s a great opportunity to show how these images translate into an actual space.  Jodie really brought her vision to life in this project.

Thank you to Jodie for sharing these wonderful photos and her creative design.  I look forward to seeing any nurseries you put together in the future.  Go ahead to Jodie Okun Interiors to see more of her work and read more about this nursery in her original nursery reveal post!

(If you think our readers need to see your little one’s special nursery as well, please drop a line to

Real Room Tour: Amelia’s Fabulous Fabrics

Amelia used the colors of her favorite cosmetic bag to inspire this nursery.  She paired the bright coral color with shades to gray to create a sophisticated yet fun space.

The exciting and inspirational aspect of this nursery is the combination of fabrics that Amelia used.  She paired the Elephant and Umbrella fabric and Geo Tile from with Duralee’s Smoke Scroll fabric for the canopy and the crib skirt.  The rug is a great coral shade and the crib bedding and seat cushion are more custom fabrics by Holli Zollinger from Spoonflower.

It’s not too often that you find a little seating area like this near the crib, but I can see this set up being very useful during “sleep training”. The antique chair was made modern with the bright coral paint job and fantastic fabric.

Continue to see the rest of this nursery

Welcome Back Zid Zid

I’m so excited that Zid Zid’s online boutique is back up and running.  Oh how we’ve missed those quirky modern designs from Marrakech.

In addition to many of our old favorites, they’ve got some fun new things to consider and enjoy!  I like the One of a Kind Bear and the Eco Animal Puppet Set.

The new rattles make great gift additions.

And my favorite new items are these Bronze Camel Book Ends.

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