Etsy Find: Original Illustrations on Wallpaper and Fabric by Kate Zaremba Company

When I first came across Kate Zaremba Company on Etsy, I knew the sweet Zebra print removable wallpaper had to have a place in our home. And then I found the foxy wallpaper, sweet for a nursery in every way. With clean patterns and simple color palettes, these wallpaper prints could work in any room from a powder room to the nursery to an eat-in kitchen.

I could seriously design an entire nursery around a “Foxy” wall with neutral colors throughout the room (Foxy wallpaper roll $48).

Fox print from Kate Zaremba Company

All of the removable wallpaper, art prints, fabric, and gift wrap from Kate Zaremba Company are hand drawn and custom printed, making them unique and interesting. They could be just right for an accent wall or lining in a closet if you’re not quite ready to take it to every wall.

Zebra print from Kate Zaremba Company

Zebra print wallpaper roll ($58)

Elephants 2 by KAte Zaremba Company

Bold elephant print wallpaper roll ($58)

Arrows by Kate Zaremba

Paper Arrows wallpaper ($48)

Kate Zaremba black and white arrows

Black and white arrows collection wallpaper ($58)

If despite the amazing patterns, wallpaper still isn’t your thing, try the fabric by the yard ($28) for just a hint of the Kate Zaremba style.

Kate Zaremba fabric

Have you tried removable wallpaper? Which is your favorite?

Fun New Items from Petit Collage

Petit Collage released many fun new items this month ahead of the holiday season.  With new toys and decor items in their signature style, you can stock up on gifts to last the whole year long (at least that’s what I’m going to do!).

First, there are three new Deluxe Bamboo MobilesSafari, Flower and Yellow Bird (it already comes in Red Bird).  These retail for $66.

Petit Collage new Deluxe Bamboo Mobiles

Then the Bamboo Whale and Elephant Mighty Push Toys are adorable baby gifts.  They’re fun to play with and look great on display as well.  These retail for $29.

Petit Collage whale elephant mighty push toy

New Petit Collage puzzles includes the Ocean Babies beginner puzzle ($13)…

Petit Collage Ocean Babies Beginner Puzzle

… as well as these four floor puzzles– Our World, Alphabet Kingdom, Ocean Life and Treetop Friends.

Petit Collage Floor Puzzles

Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, the Pop-out and Play sets are beautiful ways to add a little Petit Collage to your shelves.  For $9, stuff these in stockings this holiday season!  Sets include Happy Town, San Francisco, Woodlands and Safari.

Petit Collage Pop-out and Play

So what’s going on your gift list?

New Prints and Panels from Petit Collage

Petit Collage recently added a number of new Wood Panels and Prints to their web shop.

The 24″ x 36″ Jumbo Panels are dramatic pieces that would be incredible focal points for a fabulous nursery. $220

Alphabet Kingdom

By Air

There are also four smaller 18″ x 18″ Jumbo Wood Panels.   You may recognize some of the images but the square dimensions are new. $96

Finally, they’ve got a few new prints on wood. $16

Get the Look FOR LESS: The Animal Print Shop Baby Elephant Nursery

Yesterday’s pictured items from The Animal Print Shop Baby Elephant Nursery totaled $2801.  Today we’re going to do slightly better, saving almost half with a total of $1474.  See what we did to get you the look for less.

1- Baby Elephant from The Animal Print Shop- 16″ x 20″- $350 (the bigger the better)
2- Control Brands Hang-It-All (since you’re painting it anyway)- $99
3- Tasseled Garland from Prost to the Host- $35
4- Dagny Curtains from Ikea- $60 a pair (same because they’re reasonable
Themis Prisim Mobile– $40
5- Little Remix Blanket from Ferm Living- $82
6- Auggie Pebble Grey Crib Sheet– $45 (same because it’s reasonable)
7- Oliv Crib from Spot on Square– $575
8- Bear Cub Close-Upfrom The Animal Print Shop- 8.5 x 11″- $25
9- Manny & Simon Elephant Step Stool– $90
10- Future Globes 003 Pillow and Cover– $27
Whale Music Mobile from Ferm Living- $46 (same because it’s reasonable)

To finish off the space I would absolutely use the same rocker and brass lamp because they make a huge statement at a truly reasonable price.

Which room would you go for– the original, the less expensive one or a combination of the two?  Where would you splurge and where might you save?

My Modern Nursery: Get the Look: The Animal Print Shop Baby Elephant Nursery

Yesterday we toured an incredible modern nursery designed and put together by the folks from The Animal Print Shop and inspired by their new Baby Elephant print.  Today I’ve got a list of sources so you can recreate this look in your own nursery!

1- Baby Elephant from The Animal Print Shop- 24″ x 30″- $950
2- Eames Hang-It-All (was spray painted yellow)- $200
3- Dip dyed tassel garland by Ouchflower- $180
4- Dagny Curtains from Ikea- $60 a pair
5- Fest Blanket by Mae Engelgeer- $165
6- Auggie Pebble Grey Crib Sheet– $45
7- Oeuf Rhea crib (Oeuf Robin in the actual room)- $670
8- Bear Cub Close-Up from The Animal Print Shop- 8.5 x 11″- $25
9- Eames Elephant – White– $330
10- Watermelon vs Mandarin Circle Cushion from Jennifer + Smith- $130
Whale Music Mobile from Ferm Living- $46

Total pictured: $2801

One of my favorite parts of the entire space is the beautiful “Roxy” chair from onefortythree– $425

Hopefully they’ll make this rocker for a while because I’d really love to add it to my list of modern rocking chairs.  For $425 it’s the least expensive on the list.   I’d get yours now because when they wise up, they’re bound to double the price!  The brass swing arm lamp in the room is also from onefortythree and the least expensive brass swing arm lamp I could find online at $145.

Not pictured: Ikea Ribba picture ledges as book display shelves- $10 each and some of the stylish books on display include:

Lost and Found– $18
Bruno Munari’s ABC– $20
Sparkle and Spin: A Book About Words– $17
Where the Wild Things Are– $18
This Moose Belongs to Me– $17
Press Here– $16

Feel free to judge the books by their covers, because the covers are works of art!

So what’s your favorite part of this special nursery?

Real Room Tour: Featuring Baby Elephant from The Animal Print Shop

Dash’s Los Angeles nursery is clean, simple and beautiful– everything the perfect modern nursery should be.  Dash’s parents Max and Margaux Wanger turned creative control of their little one’s room over to their friends at The Animal Print Shop, and with results like this, I wouldn’t hesitate hesitate to turn my entire home over to them!

The room features a limited edition print of The Animal Print Shop’s latest baby, “Baby Elephant” as a striking (and adorable) focal point.

The crib is a Robin from Oeuf and the white Eames Elephant adds some sculptural fun on this side of the room.

We’re going to have to talk more about that amazing “Roxy” chair from OneFortyThree another day…

…and just stop drooling over the “fauxdenza” storage unit / changing table because if you want one you’re going to have to make it yourself!

I think this nursery illustrates that you can really create an incredible high end look in a small space by investing in just a few statement pieces.  In this case the artwork, rocker, lamp and Eames accessories prove that less is more.

Thanks to Sharon Montrose from The Animal Print shop for letting us share these amazing photos (by Joe Schmelzer) with you.  Check out their nursery post for more information about the room.

Mr Maria Lamps

Finally we can talk about the cute, modern kid friendly lamps from Dutch design studio, Mr Maria.  With their iconic Miffy lamps at the helm, Mr Maria lamps will be arriving on US shores thanks to Cool Kids Company.

But Miffy and Miffy XL are not all that we’ll be seeing.  There is also Anana the elephant, the hanging Miffy Dream, Nanuk the bear and Kokeshi.

Finally, Snuffy is not a lamp, but he’s awfully cute.

No timeline or pricing details are available yet, but I’ll update this post when the time comes.