Dough Sets from Green Toys Are A New Holiday Gift Must-Have

I first spotted these at Whole Foods, and having just purchased play-dough accessories, these really jumped out at me. Quality plastic tools and molds from recycled materials will be a huge gift hit this season! Each uniquely themed set comes with 3 tubs of dough made from organic flour manufactured in a food safe facility.

The basic package is the farm themed Tools Essentials set for $20.

Then there are four additional sets for $25 each including the Cake Maker,

Meal Maker,

Race Car Maker,

and Flower Maker.

You can also purchase packs of additional dough.

Green Toys has always been a gifting favorite of mine, and these are great new additional choices that are full of fun.

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Coming Soon: Automoblox Emergency Line

Coming in a few short weeks (around August 5th), Automoblox will be releasing their brand new Emergency Line of Original Automoblox.  These are the larger size vehicles with the peg people inside.  The new cars include a rescue truck, a fire SUV and a police car.

The new vehicles will retail for $45 to $50, which is on par with their other special edition cars.  These are well worth the price for their detail, durability and play value.

The Emergency Line is destined to be a favorite part of our collection…

I can’t wait!

More Mobiles from Trendy Peas

Trendy Peas has added a few more mobiles to their current collection of laser cut acrylic designs.

The Airplane and Clouds Mobile, the Birds on Branches, Bus Car Bike, and Cloud and Rain Drops Mobiles are all $39.  There are three other mobiles currently from Trendy Peas– the Deer Fox Bunny, the Flock of Birds and Stacked Owls.

As far as themes and subject matter go, I really love the Airplane and Clouds Mobile and the Bus Car Bike Mobile because there isn’t anything simple and modern to rival them.  We’ve got owls and birds and other animals, but these really clean white transportation themed mobiles are something different to keep in mind.

Shop Trendy Peas Today!

Dream Car by Huzi

Every so often there’s a Kickstarter project that I can’t ignore.  You are going to want these modern toy cars from Huzi, so go ahead and support them now!  These gorgeous wooden cars feature a magnetic connecting system and chalkboard paint finish so you can assemble them and decorate them how you like.

As of today with 31 days to go, the Dream Car is more than a third of the way to its Kickstarter goal.  Think of these as heirloom toys since you need to pledge $260 to get a full set of 4.  But if you have to have them, get them now because the projected retail price is $440.  At the minimum, I recommend choosing one set for $65 (will retail for $100-120).

These are going to be very hard for me to resist.  A girl can dream, right?  Thanks to Puj for the info.

Etsy Find: Lo Cole Prints from Imaginary Press

At Imaginary Press, the collection of open edition prints by Lo Cole are bold, bright and fun for the nursery and beyond.  I particularly like Jubilee Jam

and Late Worms.

Check out their entire collection in the Imaginary Press etsy shop and if you’re familiar with Bod, a British kids show from the 70s (and series of books), you’ll also want to take a look at the Bod collection.  Visit the Imaginary Press website for more information.  You can find Lo Cole’s limited edition prints on etsy as well!

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