Coming Soon: Bath Gear and Accessories from ABC Kids Expo 2013

In addition to the bath items from Skip Hop, I noticed a few other cool bath items on the floor at the ABC Kids Expo 2013.

Brica debuted a whole new bath line with a complete range of products.

With with an infant bather, a Corner Bath Basket Toy Organizer, the Super Scoop Bath Toy Organizer

…infant tub…

… and Super Spout Cover with Rinse Cup, you can enjoy a matching set of all the baby bath necessities from Brica.

For all you fans of the Blooming Bath, they’re introducing a new green color flower…

… some washcloth accessories, and this monster version.

OXO showed a new bath toy bin

… as well as this simple but useful toilet seat cover.  I would have preferred this over the Diego printed seat we used!

Puj will finally be coming out with these cute non-slip bath treads.

Boon‘s bath toys are always among my favorites and these new ones are great additions.  There’s the Ray drain cover, some 3D foam shapes, Fleet stack-and-pour boats and a foam puzzle.

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Coming Soon: New from Skip Hop at ABC Kids Expo 2013

As usual, Skip Hop has a plethora of items to add to their impressive lineup in the coming year.  Here are just a few of my favorites.

The Giraffe Safari Wood Toy Collection is full of fun and affordable baby gifts.  It includes the Crocodile Xylophone ($25), Nest & Play Blocks ($20), Stacking Animal Blocks ($15), Fold & Play Book ($10), Peek & Play Giraffe ($10), Spin & Play Rhino ($10), and the Flip & Play Turtle ($10).

Skip Hop Wooden Toys

These are already available on the Skip Hop website.

Skip Hop Wooden Toys

If you thought Skip Hop’s bath collection was already complete, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  They’ll be adding two new essentials.  The Waterfall Rinser keeps sudsy water out of sensitive eyes and the Floating Bath Thermometer features a digital readout to ensure the perfect temperature in your tub.

Skip Hop New Bath

Skip Hop’s Playspot has a new color scheme.  The yellow and gray is a great new addition that will suit so many more modern nurseries and play spaces.  In the photo, you can see one other addition to the Playspot line and that is the Funspot!  Three inserts turn the Playspot into a spot for tummy time fun.



And your other tummy time option is Treetop Tummy Time Mat.  As far as tummy time mats go, this one is pretty cute.


I’d also take a look at the Plush Animals ($18).  These are a nice big size that are great for use as decor.  In addition to the elephant and bird, there’s also an owl and giraffe.

Skip Hop Plush Toys

Best Baby Bath Tubs 2013: Sponsored by Babylist

One of the most fun parts of the day with your newborn is bath time. I remember each of my babies’ first baths as such exciting early milestones.  However you decide to handle your baby’s bath, it’s going to be special.

I’ve rounded up my top 10 picks (in no particular order) for this installment of our baby registry series sponsored by Babylist.  Baby baths are always a popular baby shower gift, so take a look at the options and be sure to add your favorite to your registry.  Be prepared for that first special bath!

1- The First Year’s Infant to Toddler Tub with Sling– $31
Design-wise, this pink or blue tub wouldn’t usually be seen here, but this is such a popular and highly rated baby bath that I couldn’t ignore it.  It’s the little sling that really gets people’s attention with this bath over some of the other molded plastic tubs.

2- Cleanwater Infant Tub from 4moms- $50
For the gadget/technology lovers out there, the Cleanwater tub is the only option.  The tub is designed for use with running water and continuously fills the bath with fresh clean water.  With a digital thermometer you’ll know that the water is at your baby’s ideal temperature.   The complete collection also includes a spout cover ($30).

3- WashPOD– $28
Upright baths are supposed to be more calming a soothing for babies.  Newborns will go into a comforting fetal position and are surrounded by the water the whole time.  This is a short term bath solution as it will only go up to 6 months, but in combination with something like the Ikea Lättsam bath, the two are an economical solution.  The video reviews on amazon will sell you on this– beware the baby cuteness!

4- Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub– $60
With the sleekest style, the Naked can recline or expand to suit newborns and toddlers.  The one-piece design collapses for drying and storage.

5- The Original Tummy Tub Baby Bath– $38
Another upright bath option, the Tummy Tub encourages the warm, comforting upright bathing position that newborns enjoy. Already popular in Europe, the upright tubs are getting some following in the US.  This isn’t just a bucket, the bottom of the tub is smooth and curved, all edges are smooth and the tub is BPA free.  Please don’t bath a baby in a bucket!

6- PRIMO EuroBath– $35
This tub is similar to the molded plastic tub we used but definitely a step above.  Unlike you, I didn’t not do a bunch of research before I ran to Target last minute to grab a bath tub–  Live and learn!  The bath is designed to hold both newborns and toddler.  Save water by not filling a big tub and keep baby supported in a comfortable position.

7- Flexibath Foldable Bathtub– $40
I’m pleased to know that my baby niece uses and enjoys the Flexibath I gave to her.  This ingenious foldable bathtub saves water over filling the whole tub and folds up for easy storage.  The tub is roomy enough to work for at least 24 months and with the infant support accessory, the tub is also suitable for newborns.

8- Lättsam Baby Bath– $8
A simple inexpensive tub, the Lättsam is perfect for toddlers.  Keep it in the bathtub or even use outside!  We had one of these for outdoor baths.

9- Karibu Baby Folding Bath– $50
Another space saving collapsible bath design.

10- Puj Tub – The Soft, Foldable Baby Bath Tub, White– $45
If you plan to bathe your newborn in the sink, this is the way to go.  The soft, foldable Puj or the smaller Flyte (depending on the size of your sink) are the comfortable smart way to wash and care for your newborn.

Add your favorite bathtub to your baby registry with BabyList.  BabyList lets you ask for exactly what you want from the retailers of your choice – including your favorite local or independent shops (like Etsy).

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New Puj Flyte and More

The bath products from Puj are so deceptively simple that on first glance it might be easy to overlook them, but their simplicity is exactly why they deserve a closer look.  The original Puj Tub is a soft infant bath that folds up to fit in the sink.  This year, the Flyte is even more compact and perfect for travel.

Folded up, it can be easily dropped into the bottom of a suitcase.  The Flyte is available right now for $35.

I was also impressed with the Hug and Big Hug Hands-Free Hooded Infant and Toddler Towels.  These are super soft and hang conveniently on a Puj Nub.  The Big Hug was designed to fit a 6 year-old, so as I have one of those in my house and these are so soft and lovely, I totally want a few of these.

Finally, have you ever seen a more stylish set of anti-slip bath stickers?  These stick on the floor of your tub to keep you from slipping the the bath.  Puj will have several different sets of these, but I like the ones shown below the most.

Puj has truly created a full collection of modern, fun and functional bath items and I congratulate them.

Always Fun New Things From Skip Hop

Skip Hop is constantly coming up with new and exciting additions to their product lines.  This year was no exception and they had lots to see at the 2012 ABC Kids Expo.

They are going to be rounding out their bath line with the non slip bath lining mat and a bathtub elbow saver you can lean on at the edge of the tub.  So now between the kneeling mat and the elbow saver to lean on, there’s no reason that bathtime should be a pain.

The Treetop Friends collection is expanding to include a bunch of new wooden toys.  Any and all of these will make great gifts!

There are tons of cute zoo friends feeding products including these bibs, utensils and straw bottles.

Of course that’s not all.  There are a few great new diaper bags coming up as well.  I love the look of these Grand Central diaper bags.  I could see myself with one of these for sure.  There’s also a new Jonathan Adler Bag that will come in three patterns as well as a fancier version of the Bento bag.

It’s turning into one-stop shopping for all your baby needs over there at Skip Hop.  Gotta love it.

Flexi Bath Infant Support

I’ve loved the Flexi Bath since I first spotted it.  With its space-saving folding design and fun colors, it has been a favorite baby gear item of mine for years.  I love its size and how you can bathe a good sized toddler in it without having to fill up your full sized tub (or even HAVE a tub in the house). There was just one problem with it.  It was really for babies that could already sit up, so you’d have to have an infant tub in addition to a Flexi Bath.  Well, not anymore!  Prince Lionheart is now offering an infant support piece that snaps right into your Flexi Bath.

This ingenious swoosh of molded plastic fits over the edge of the tub and snaps into place.   With this simple $17 addition to your Flexi Bath, the tub can last your child from birth until (depending on their size) they are about four!

If you love the Flexi Bath, like I know so many of you do, I highly recommend adding the Infant Support.  This week you can get one from and they’ll be released more widely very soon.  You can also win a Flexi Bath with the Infant Support as part of our Begin With the Best: Ultimate Baby Registry Sweepstakes.  Don’t forget to enter to win loads of great prizes worth over $430!

Begin With the Best: Ultimate Baby Registry Sweepstakes from Babylist

I’m excited to begin working with our new advertiser, a baby registry, BabyList this month.  BabyList is your all-in-one baby registry site.  You can add items from any store on the web and save them all on one list.  There’s no need to limit your choices to just what is available at the national chain retailers!  Add your favorites from etsy, Ikea, a local boutique that you love or directly from the manufacturer.  BabyLists are easy to create and easy to share.  If you’ve figured out how to add a “Pin It” button to your toolbar, you’ll be able to add the easy “Add to Babylist” button as well.

To test BabyList out, I created a sample baby registry with 10 of my favorite registry items.  It was easy to add the items, change the pictures, add descriptions and sort the list how I wanted it to appear.  If you’re expecting, make sure you give BabyList a try when putting together your gift registry!

I had such a great time putting together my “Ultimate Baby Registry,” that BabyList and I will be giving away EVERYTHING on the list to one lucky winner!

If you have any friends or family who are expecting, you will want to send them our way because this is an incredible prize package!  You can see all the items on BabyList and I’m going to tell you a little something about all my picks right here as well.

1.  First we have the Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper– $100

This stylish multi-functional rocker converts from a baby seat to a comfy napper without disturbing your baby.

2. Loop Diaper Caddy from Boon Inc.– $50

This is one diapering accessory that I really wish we had when my kids were babies.  The Loop stores all your diapering tools in an organized, stylish and easy-to-carry caddy.

3. Soapster Foaming Soap Dispenser from Skip Hop– $24

We love our Soapster and I think it’s a must-have for any child’s bath.  Parents can get foamy soap with just one hand and eventually, kids can get their own soap and wash independently.

4. Aden + Anais Muslin Collection 4 pack of swaddling wraps– $50

Aden + Anais swadding wraps are known far and wide to be the softest, most beautiful and best natural muslin swaddling wraps for your modern baby.  These are an absolute must-have on any baby registry.

5. Natural Collection: Bamboo/Cotton Gunapod wearable blanket– $40

Wearable blankets are another must-have in my book and I really love this bamboo/cotton one from Gunamuna.  The material is lightweight and SUPER soft.  The Gunapods are designed with the Wonderzip system that has 4 zippers all around the blanket so that you can change or dress baby easily.

6. Childproofing Starter Kit from Rhoost-$33

It’s never too soon to start baby proofing.  I’m impressed with the modern baby proofing products from Rhoost and had to add a starter set of cabinet locks, outlet covers and table corner guards to my Ultimate Baby Registry.

7. Flexi Bath from Prince Lionheart– $44 + $17 for the Infant Support

One of my favorite baby bathtubs is the Flexi Bath.  It stores flat but pops open into a nice sized tub with a convenient drain in the bottom.  With the addition of the new Flexibath Infant Support, this is the only baby bathtub you will need! This tub can be used for children up to 4 years old and will save water over using your regular bathtub.  Take your pick of either a blue, green, pink or white Flexi Bath.

8. WallCandy Arts Gift Certificate- $50

Get started decorating the nursery with a $50 gift certificate for WallCandy Arts.  Take your pick from their collections of wall decals, chalkboard and dry erase decals or removable wallpaper.

9. Sticky Bellies Removable Milestone Stickers– $14

Everyone loves those monthly baby photos and take it from me, if you’ve got a set of these handy stickers ready to go, you’ll be so much more likely to actually capture a set of these precious moments before they fly by… because believe me… they do!

I wish I had an official set of monthly photos for my boys’ baby books.  And speaking of baby books…

10. The last prize is a copy of This Is Your Book by Ryan Maconochi- $17

“This is Your Book” is the modern baby book you don’t have to be intimidated about filling in.  It is easy to complete and will become a fun keepsake for your child when they are grown.

I’m thrilled that we’ll be able to share all of these great items (with a total retail value of over $430) with a lucky follower!  The giveaway is open to US residents over the age of 18.  It starts right now and ends June 11th, 2012 at 12:01 am EST.  There are several ways to enter via Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prizes provided courtesy of Babylist, Boon Inc., Skip Hop, Aden + Anais, Gunamuna, Rhoost, Prince Lionheart, WallCandy Arts and Sticky Bellies.  I made the choices and these companies generously agreed to share the items with you.



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