Puj Infant Gift Set

Congratulations to Katie from Puj on the arrival of sweet little Liberty!

This makes it a great day to let you know about Puj’s new Infant Gift Set,  which includes a Puj Tub, Nubs and my favorite, the Hug towel for $85.  This is really gift perfection.

Puj Infant Gift Set

In honor of Liberty’s birth, you can get 10% off and free shipping until Friday, 11/14 with code: LIBERTYFAITH10.

And if you’re past the newborn stage, take a look at the Big Hug.  It’s my favorite product that I haven’t told you about yet and my 4 year old is obsessed with his.  In fact, my son was very upset last night because his Big Hug was in the laundry and he had to make do with an ordinary towel.

Nug with Hug

I love that he can use it on his own, dry himself off and then hang it on a hook by its rubber tab.  This has been life-changing!  The name “Big Hug” really describes this towel perfectly. All the kids have to do is hang the hood on their heads, tuck their hands in and give themselves a hug. Presto! They’re wrapped up and cozy.

We’ve been using the Big Hug for 8 months straight now and it still looks as good as new.


By way of disclosure, I was lucky to be a Big Hug product tester so I received one from Puj to review.  But really I just wanted to be one of the first to have one!  I would have bought it anyway.

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Coming Soon: Bath Gear and Accessories from ABC Kids Expo 2013

In addition to the bath items from Skip Hop, I noticed a few other cool bath items on the floor at the ABC Kids Expo 2013.

Brica debuted a whole new bath line with a complete range of products.

With with an infant bather, a Corner Bath Basket Toy Organizer, the Super Scoop Bath Toy Organizer

…infant tub…

… and Super Spout Cover with Rinse Cup, you can enjoy a matching set of all the baby bath necessities from Brica.

For all you fans of the Blooming Bath, they’re introducing a new green color flower…

… some washcloth accessories, and this monster version.

OXO showed a new bath toy bin

… as well as this simple but useful toilet seat cover.  I would have preferred this over the Diego printed seat we used!

Puj will finally be coming out with these cute non-slip bath treads.

Boon‘s bath toys are always among my favorites and these new ones are great additions.  There’s the Ray drain cover, some 3D foam shapes, Fleet stack-and-pour boats and a foam puzzle.

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Coming Soon: New from 4moms

With a great deal of pomp and circumstance, 4moms debuted three new items at ABC Kids Expo 2013.  Most of the photos from their special presentation were pretty crummy, so instead of in-person photos, I’m going to introduce the new products an appropriate level of pageantry.  I think these videos will do the trick…

Meet the 4moms rockaRoo

Next, check out the 4moms origami mini

And last but not least, the 4moms infant car seat. The seat that installs itself!

Thoughts?  Is the infant car seat too good to be true?

Coming Soon: New from Babyhome at ABC Kids Expo 2013

Babyhome has become a very popular nursery and baby gear brand since its US debut at the ABC Kids Expo in 2011.

This year brings another beautiful special version of their Dream travel cot.  The Dream Premium is made from natural micro-perforated leather with a polished black aluminum frame.  This looks really posh and carries the $1200 price tag to match.

I’m ALWAYS excited to add another modern option to my list of baby bouncers and loungers so the new Wave Bounce Chair is a great find this year.  Made from laminated wood, the Wave will be available in several frame and cushion combinations and should retail for about $180.

The Babyhome Emotion stroller is coming out in a few new colors– Aqua, Cloud and Coral and some new accessories like a cup holder and diaper bag will make this lightweight stroller ever more versatile.

The bassinet, high chair and bed rail will also feature new colors and the bed rail with built in light (Side Light) is on the horizon.

Finally, the so-ro mini cradle is now part of Babyhome and is a real stand-out in their product line.  I’m glad that Babyhome has taken on this beautiful product and hopefully they can give it the distribution and attention that it deserves!

So-Ro Cradle Babyhome Bassinet

Nuna Zaaz High Chair

I recently published the top 10 high chairs for 2013, but I’m going to have to find a way to squeeze the Zaaz from Nuna onto that list.

ZAAZ DEMO VIDEO from Nuna on Vimeo.

I love the look of this sturdy chair through all its stages.  It’s a truly modern, stylish seat both as a high chair and as a child’s chair.


It comes in three color combinations and I’d say if there’s any room for improvement for the Zaaz it lies in the color choices.  I’d love to see all 7 of the European colors brought here as well.

The Zaaz is a beautiful, easy to clean and highly adjustable high chair that should have made it onto our high chair list months ago.  Retails for $250.

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Stroller Organizers

Having gone through our baby years in the days before Bugaboo even came out with their cup holder (I seriously was waiting for that!!), stroller organizers are a foreign idea to me.  I know there have been stroller organizers and hooks and bags and pouches available all along, but it all just seemed to add to the clutter of crap that many parents seem to carry around with them.  I travelled with my stroller and the smallest diaper bag that made sense, and this minimal, low key approach worked for me 99% of the time– which is good enough in my book.

A new crop of stroller organizers has come out recently and while these could be additional clutter culprits, in the hands of clever modern parents, they might help you haul around less junk than you otherwise might.  In the interest of simplifying stroller outings, if you can use a stroller organizer and the basket of your stroller to store all the items you need INSTEAD of carrying around a diaper bag, I’m all for it!  If this sounds appealing, here are a few stroller organizers for you to consider.

First, the Bugaboo Organizer is the perfect stroller companion to go with your Bugaboo.  As a Bugaboo mom, I can see myself having used and loved having one of these. $30

I spied Skip Hop’s Grab & Go Stroller Organizer at ABC Kids last year and was impressed.  It is sleek and simple and just the right size to have a few necessities at your fingertips. $20

Finally, while cutesy characters are not my typical modus operandi, these new stroller organizers from 3 Sprouts might be the perfect accessory to jazz up your stroller situation. $25

The rhino is pictured but there’s also a pink and tan elephant as well as a teal raccoon.

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Additional thought and comments welcome!

Best Baby Bouncers and Rockers 2013: Sponsored by Babylist

With a little help from our sponsor Babylist, over the next few months we’re going to be helping you out with your baby registry.  I think a baby bouncer / lounger / rocker (whatever you want to call it) is a great place to start.  When you bring baby home, you’ll probably discover that you need a place to put him or her down safely.  One of my jobs is keeping track of the best baby seats on the market, and these are my top 10 choices for 2013.

1- Nuna Leaf– $220
The Leaf is really cool because in addition to its beautiful design, it has a gentle swaying motion that requires just a little push to get it moving for several minutes.  This is the one that would make it onto my baby registry this year.

2- BABYBJORN BabySitter Balance– $190
The BabySitter is another beautiful design.  This perfectly basic design has a simple bounce motion but is extra fun with the optional wooden toy bar accessory.

3- Bloom Coco Stylewood and Plexistyle Loungers- $195
The Coco loungers are hands down the most beautiful baby loungers.  These are the #1 choice for style.  You can chose wood or plexiglass frames and the seat covers come in a variety of colors.

4- 4Moms Mamaroo– $240
The Mamaroo is the ultimate baby gear gadget.  The seat features special rocking motions to appease the most finicky baby.

5- Maclaren Universal Rocker– $105
The Universal Rocker from Maclaren is lightweight and easy to transport.  This is a great one to take along for travelling.

6- Baby Home Onfour Bouncer– $150
The Onfour comes in 8 great colors.  It is lightweight and easy to travel with.  Its unique feature is the front wheels which make it easy to move while baby is strapped inside.

7- Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper– $100
The 3-in-1 Rocker Napper easily converts from a rocker to a little bassinet in case baby falls asleep while in their seat.  This is a great multi-tasker.

8- Apollo Bouncer from mamas & papas- $100
The Apollo Bouncer is among the least expensive but features a fun and modern design.  Music book insert plays lullabies and can be removed and used separately.

9- Chicco I-Feel Rocker– $100
The I-Feel Rocker has a stylish design with curved wood pieces.  The seat is a simple rocker with mobile but folds flat for storage.

10- Peg-Perego Sdraietta Melodia Bouncer– $220
The Sdraietta Melodia is hard to pronounce but easy to use.  It can rock or be placed in stationary mode.  It features a removable sun canopy and colorful toy bar.

Add your favorite baby seat to your baby registry with BabyList.  BabyList lets you ask for exactly what you want from the retailers of your choice – including your favorite local or independent shops (like Etsy).


Culla Belly Co-Sleeper at Elm Baby

The Culla Belly Co-Sleeper has been a popular search on BuyModernBaby ever since I first posted about it in 2011.  The transition from design to final product has been a challenge, and I had already given up on ever seeing these available until our newest advertiser, Elm Baby, contacted me and let me know that they now carry the Culla Belly Co-Sleeper in their online boutique.  They have a personal relationship with the designers and distribute it directly from them.

Designed by Andrea Garuti and Manuela Busetti, one side of the bassinet unzips to open up onto the parents’ bed.  The wooden base is secured under the mattress of the bed.  The final design doesn’t have all the style of the initial concept, but this is frequently what happens in the transition from idea to reality.

The co-sleeper is available in seven colors: red, blue, green, orange, light blue, cream, and pink.

The Culla Belly retails for $600 and the stand is an additional $290.

I haven’t seen these in person, so I can’t tell you too much about them, but if you’ve been desperate for a more modern co-sleeper, this is what you’ve been waiting for.  If you’ve gotten a look at a Culla Belly Co-Sleeper or if you own one, please comment and let us know your thoughts!

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