What Tablewear is Best for Toddlers? 2015 Cribsies

Sometimes I think we don’t spend enough time sharing all the fun things for feeding your toddlers, so the next Cribsies category I want to share is “Top Tablewear For Toddlers.” The Cribsie Awards select and honor the best baby brands and products and it’s the last week to vote. Nominations are in, the finalists have been selected, but you can still pick your favorite as the best for 2015.

Cribsies Top Tablewear

The nominees are:

Under the Mealtime category, be sure to vote for your favorite as “Top Tablewear For Toddlers.” Are there any others you love that didn’t make the list? We never did get super fancy with the kids tablewear. A few sets of whatever Ikea was offering at the time suited us fine and we’re still using some of it, even if it’s just for Lego sorting!

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