Hanger Buddiez: Cuteness in the Closet

My toddler son just recently started picking out some of his own clothes. We definitely spend more time in the closet since this new interest has come about. We received a sample of Hanger Buddiez from SillyBranz Global recently and the new hangers definitely made my son one happy boy in the mornings.

The hangers come in several styles including zoo animals, pets, farm animals and monsters. My 2-year-old son, who requested a cow themed 2nd birthday party, of course chose the farm animals as an instant favorite.

The hangers look great and colorful in his closet and have held up his clothes well. They are definitely the right size for his 2T and 24 month clothing but would’ve been too large for most of his under 1-year items.

Packs of 16 hangers retail for about $14.

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