My Modern Nursery #65: Soft Pink and Gray Harlequin

If 2012 was the year for chevron and zig zag patterns in modern design, then in 2013 we’re moving into harlequin patterns with triangles and diamonds.  I’m partial to triangles anyway, so this is a direction I can really get behind.  This nursery board was inspired by the amazing Walt Disney Signature It’s A Small World rug.  It’s the most expensive thing I’ve selected in a while, but you’ve gotta start with something you really love.  If your inspiration is spectacular, the room can’t turn out badly.

1- Quilt Light Template (to DIY)- $20
2- Kids Holiday Decor: Metallic Pennant Garland– $40
3- Ferm Living Spear Pillow– $100
Ferm Living Twin Pillow– $155
4- Harlow Crib with Acrylic front– (coming April 2013)
5- Circus Ellie from Seventy Tree- $25
Circus Bruno from Seventy Tree- $25
Big Bear Print by Seventy Tree- $27
6- Babyletto Modo 3 Drawer Changer in White– $400
7- Alto Rocker from Monte (heather gray with white pillow- $800
8- BABYBJORN BabySitter Balance– $190
Walt Disney Signature It’s A Small World Cream, Gray and Taupe Rug– 8′ x 11′- $3730
9- Pale Nulle from Lucky Boy Sunday- $120
10- Designed to be Organized Bin– $39

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One thought on “My Modern Nursery #65: Soft Pink and Gray Harlequin

  1. I love the idea of switching things around. I am seeing a lot of grey walls these days with color in the accessories and furniture. Why not paint the walls the color and do everything else neutral. A great way to guarantee you could use it later too-for a toddler room, future baby, adult room etc…

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