Election Day 2012: Donkey vs. Elephant

It’s Election Day in the US and I hope everyone got a chance to cast their ballot.  Here’s how I keep busy while I wait for the polls to close and the results to come in…

1- Donkey Print and Elephant Print from Berkley Illustration- 8″ x 10″ $18 each
2- Donkey Bank and Elephant Bank from Jonathan Adler- $88 each
3- Animal Locomotion: Plate 654 and Animal Locomation: Plate 733 by Eadweard Muybridge- $24-$240 each
4- Albert the Donkey and Hercule the Elephant from blabla kids- $42 to $52 each
5- Born This Way and Teenage Angst by Aled Lewis- $20-$50 each
6- Donkey Tan Animal Bookend and Classic Series Elephant Bookend from Zuny- $50 each

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