New Puj Flyte and More

The bath products from Puj are so deceptively simple that on first glance it might be easy to overlook them, but their simplicity is exactly why they deserve a closer look.  The original Puj Tub is a soft infant bath that folds up to fit in the sink.  This year, the Flyte is even more compact and perfect for travel.

Folded up, it can be easily dropped into the bottom of a suitcase.  The Flyte is available right now for $35.

I was also impressed with the Hug and Big Hug Hands-Free Hooded Infant and Toddler Towels.  These are super soft and hang conveniently on a Puj Nub.  The Big Hug was designed to fit a 6 year-old, so as I have one of those in my house and these are so soft and lovely, I totally want a few of these.

Finally, have you ever seen a more stylish set of anti-slip bath stickers?  These stick on the floor of your tub to keep you from slipping the the bath.  Puj will have several different sets of these, but I like the ones shown below the most.

Puj has truly created a full collection of modern, fun and functional bath items and I congratulate them.

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