New Swoop Mini

I just discovered these wonderful little beauties in my Facebook feed this evening and wanted to get the word out asap.  The Swoop Mini is a smaller 16″ diameter version of one of the most useful items in our house– our Swoop Bag.

Let me just tell you, I need a half a dozen of these pronto.  We’re going to need one for Lego Ninjago, one for Lego Hero Factory, one each for the extra Legos floating around in each boys’ bedroom, one for one for the car, and one extra for any other small toy emergency situation that might creep up.

You can order the Swoop Mini in Red, Orange, Bubble Gum or Aquarium right now for $22.

Swoop Bags are one of advertisers but they didn’t even give me a heads up on this one!

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