Organizing with boon inc. & Boon Stash Giveaway

I’ve been trying to get things organized around the house in an effort to start off the new year on the right foot.  People who know me would describe me as organized, but sometimes running around after two active little boys, the piles and junk bins get away from me and I’d rather shut the door and ignore them.   The start of 2011 is a great kick in the pants as I don’t want that clutter lingering and weighing me down in the new year.

With that in mind, this is the perfect opportunity to show you the storage and organization tools from one of my favorite modern baby brands, boon inc.

Particularly after the holidays, you may find yourself with new additions to an already extensive stuffed animal collection.  boon’s animal bags might be just the solution to contain them.

Animal Bag

These come in several shapes and sizes and when full, they become comfy places to lounge.

boon also has some brand new organization tools that will be coming out in 2011.

I’m really excited about the Flaunt Wall Display (top left), the Grip Multi-Hook Rack and the Curl Baby Shoe Rack (top right).  I would especially have loved to have a Loop Diaper Caddy (bottom).  They are decorative, functional pieces and I can see them having a place in any nursery.


The Stash Multi-room Organizer (pictured below) is available right now and is a great way to store all those little things that get lost in a drawer.  Put one of these on your bathroom counter, on your changing table or in your arts and crafts area.  It can sit on a surface or be hung on the wall.  The Stash is made of a sturdy BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free material and is available in white and black.

boon sent me a Stash Wall or Countertop Organizer and you will have a chance to win it!  For your chance to win a white Stash:

1) Visit the boon products page and pick your favorite item.

2) Go to our Facebook page and in the discussion about this post, tell me:

a) The favorite item that you picked and…

b) What you’ve got “stashed” away that needs to be organized for the new year!

We will pick our winner randomly from all the entries next Thursday, January 6th.  Please enter your comment before 8:00 EST am on the 6th.  Only open to US and Canada residents.

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