Be Inspired by this Inspirational Nursery

Oh, the dreams that will be cultivated here! I feel privileged to share this inspirational space with you all. The art and accessories on the dark gray background are what really make this room incredible.


With a selection of feminist icons from The Film Artist on etsy, a young lady will have no shortage of role models to look up to.


I’m also crazy about the oversized text art.


A cozy reading area is a must have for developing young minds and getting them on the path to greatness.


What’s your favorite part of this creative and colorful nursery?

Thanks Gwen, for sharing the photos of this dreamy space!


Pretty Pastel Nursery From Little Crown Interiors

As I’m working on a pastel nursery this month (which you’ll see next week), I was excited to see the newest project from Naomi of Little Crown Interiors.

This room is pretty perfect in every way. You can go to the original post on the Little Crown Interiors site to read more about the inspiration and the products used in the space.


The Oeuf crib and dresser in neutral work perfectly with almost any color scheme, but I think that the light wood is particularly beautiful with breezy pastels.


I love how this room is a mix of personal, collected objects as well as stylish modern purchases. It’s a comfortable, realistic way to decorate a home and feels warmer than a collection of items all put into a shopping cart at one time.


Naomi reused the clients glider and side table (an economical as well as eco-friendly choice!) and the corner is full of sentimental pieces.


Thanks for sharing your incredible work with us Naomi! This MIGHT be my favorite Little Crown Interiors project yet.


Photography by Full Spectrum Photography


Real Room Tour: Kailee Wright’s Nursery for Houston

Stylish super-mom Kailee Wright recently shared the photos of her son Houston’s nursery. It’s a huge space that also serves as a family playroom. She designed the room with help from Annalisa, of Oilo Studio, and every corner is styled to perfection.

Houston's Nursery by Kailee Wright overview

I love how she used a patterned rug to set the color scheme and ground the space.

Houston's Nursery by Kailee Wright bookshelf

The furnishings (dresser, storage and crib) are affordably Ikea, and the play table and chair set adds tons of style.

Houston's Nursery by Kailee Wright play table Houston's Nursery by Kailee Wright tent play corner

The crib bedding and changing pad cover are of course from Oilo Studio.

Houston's Nursery by Kailee Wright Oilo crib bedding

There are tons of tee pee style play tents out there but Kailee chose a lovely one from tnees.

Houston's Nursery by Kailee Wright window

I have to say, this nursery is the ultimate 2015 modern nursery. I’m sure it will be the backdrop for many happy Wright family memories. Thanks for sharing the photos with us Kailee!

Be sure to visit for more photos and to get more product information! Photos by Malea Ellett.

Xander’s Room by SISSY + MARLEY

I’m so excited to share SISSY + MARLEY‘s latest interior project with you! Xander’s room features Jam by SISSY + MARLEY for Jill Malek wallpaper, which is perfect for this toddler’s room and will continue to enhance the space as Xander grows.

Overview Park Avenue Apt. Xander's Room photo: Marco Ricca

If you’ve got room for it, a play tent can become a fun and cozy feature in any child’s room or play space.

Play Tent Park Avenue Apt. Xander's Room photo: Marco Ricca

Oeuf’s Toy Store is a great storage piece that keeps playthings accessible.

shelf Park Avenue Apt. Xander's Room photo: Marco Ricca

The front facing bookshelves are a signature feature in a SISSY + MARLEY room, and as usual, I’m tempted to order every title they’ve selected.

Book nook Park Avenue Apt. Xander's Room photo: Marco Ricca

I think these display shelves are my favorite accessory in the room and of course, they’re styled to perfection.

Changer Park Avenue Apt. Xander's Room photo: Marco Ricca

Knits from Oeuf and Lucky Boy Sunday are cute and cozy on the bed.

Bed CU Park Avenue Apt. Xander's Room photo: Marco Ricca

Top it off with a cute text print and some blue boyish toys and you’re really ready to roll.

shelf Park Avenue Apt. Xander's Room photo: Marco Ricca

And now I’ve got this song in my head…

Another inspirational job. Thanks for sharing, Chelsea! Now when are you coming down to Florida? I’ve got a beautiful blank space begging for your expert eye!

Interior Design by SISSY + MARLEY. All photography by Marco Ricca.


Instagram has become my favorite social media platform. I have lots of fun sharing little life snippets on there (as well as any fun shopping finds), but I love finding great nursery and design inspiration on my feed. Here are a few that really grabbed my attention recently.

First, I’m going nuts over all the texture in this nursery via Loloi Rugs, designed by Stone Textile Studio. Too good.

@LoloiRugs designed by @stonetextiles

This sneak peek from @sheenamurph of Sheep + Stone with photo from @nicole_franzen is such a tease!


This photo via ella+elliot of a Sabrina Albanese design blew me away.


Do you use Instagram for inspiration?

Tag @buymodernbaby in photos of YOUR special space!

Star Wars Nurseries for May the Fourth

This may be the only theme I wholeheartedly approve of. I only wish my boys were more Star Wars crazy so I’d have an excuse to go all Star Wars in one of their rooms. Here’s some Star Wars nursery inspiration on this Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you!

How about this DIY Star Wars Baby Nursery Design by Greg Pabst?


Star Wars is not just for little boys. Girls can grow up to be Star Wars fans as well as I hope the little one with the Hoth-Inspired Nursery will!


The nursery reveal on Maiedae, reveals a bright Star Wars nursery with lots of family collectibles.

From Sticks on a Plane, the force is strong with this one. Check out all the photos to see the ceiling and quilt!

Star Wars Nursery

Finally, James’ star wars themed nursery is perfectly simple. Just a couple of great accessories are enough to make a great impact.


Baby Catarina’s Nursery by SISSY + MARLEY

Sigh, some days I just want to move into the minds of SISSY + MARLEY. Isn’t it serene? Baby Catarina’s nursery is simply divine. The first nursery to feature SISSY+MARLEY for Jill Malek’s new Zee wallpaper (in Rain), this space uses shades of white and tan to beautiful effect.

Interior Design SISSY+MARLEY Images Marco Ricca

I love how the wallpaper creates a subtle texture on the walls, and Little Darlings from The Animal Print Shop are always perfection.

Interior Design SISSY+MARLEY Images Marco Ricca

The Oeuf dresser is styled with a lot more restraint than I use in my own home. I always end up using a lot of color in my own spaces, but I admire and often aspire to achieve this type of peaceful and quiet look.

Interior Design SISSY+MARLEY Images Marco Ricca

And once Catalina settles down in her Stokke Sleepi, there’s room to settle in for your own nap.

Interior Design SISSY+MARLEY Images Marco Ricca

Built in storage is perfect for all kinds of coordinating books and accessories.  And now I want to see what’s down that hallway…

Interior Design SISSY+MARLEY Images Marco Ricca

Incredible inspiration as usual. Thanks for sharing, Chelsea!

Interior Design by SISSY + MARLEY. All photography by Marco Ricca.

Real Room Tour: Hudson’s Toddler Transition

I love this example of a simple, clean nursery with sophisticated modern accessories. Designed by Melissa from WINTER*DAISY, it’s a perfect home for any little boy.


Gray stars and gray elephants (like Baby Elephant from The Animal Print Shop and the Elephant Push Toy from Manny & Simon), are combined with soothing shades of dark blue.



The driftwood mobile is a striking focal point over the Oeuf Classic Toddler Bed.



Thanks for sharing your latest project with us Melissa! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

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