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We’ve been fans of Tegu blocks for a long time, and it’s been fun watching the company expanding their line up since they started with the original wooden magnetic block sets. Their latest launch is happening for prime day (you can access using our affiliate links) and includes incredible new baby toys and gifts.

The Tegu Magnetic Racer (3 piece set) come in four different colors and are a great first car toy. The blocks can be mixed and matched or strung together like a train. $13 each

Tegu Magnetic Racer Building Blocks (3 Piece), Yellow/Teal/Blue, One Size

Speaking of trains, The Tegu Shape Train (9 piece set) is another fun launch that can be used with the cars, but is also an amazing toy on its own. $40

Another classic first toy is a shape stacker, and Tegu has created its own magnetic twist on this toy with their Tegu Floating Stacker (11 piece set). $25

Finally, even the youngest with have fun with the Tegu Swivel Bug Building Blocks, which are one piece rattles/teethers. $12 each

I can’t decide which are the best new items, so I’m just going to have to recommend you get them all. And for older children, don’t forget the Tegu block sets. They are elegant, safe toys that encourage creative and imaginative play and will last a lifetime.

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