Happy Mother’s Day!

My annual Mother’s Day photo gets a little easier to do as the boys get older. This is the 10th year and they finally understand that until I have a photo I like, they aren’t going anywhere- ha! This was around nine in the morning as we had plans to be away all day, so I felt pretty accomplished this morning.

Yes, my oldest is (almost!) as tall as I am. I’m sitting in the photo so it’s hard to tell, but it’s shocks me every day to see how tall my modern baby has gotten.

Motherhood is such an adventure, full of stages and changes the whole way through. Just as you’ve mastered the newborn stage, baby stage, or toddler stage, a whole new set of challenges, growth and excitement take their place and you grow and stretch to meet their needs and figure out who you need to become in the process.

Enjoy your day no matter what stage you’re in, because next year will be a whole different story.

With love,

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