My Modern Nursery #113: Golden Glow Yellow Sponsored by Lullaby Paints

After more than thirty nursery boards where I’ve used Lullaby Paints colors as the backdrop, I was starting to worry that I had chosen all my favorite shades of wall paint. Of course there were a few more colors that would be perfect for use on accent furniture pieces, but I wasn’t sure how many more colors were left to use for nursery inspiration. Of course you can always color match from other brands to create your favorite zero VOC paint, but you can imagine my delight then when Lullaby Paints updated their site, adding hundreds of new shades to their shop!

It was time to do another yellow nursery and instead of a handful of options, I found…

Lullaby Paints yellow choices

I was looking for a medium (not too light nor too dark), rich (but slightly muted) yellow that would create a cozy, modern atmosphere. I think Golden Glow is a perfect shade for anyone brave enough to go beyond the pale, so to speak, when it comes to yellow.

My Modern Nursery 113 Golden Glow Yellow

1- Brass Olive Branch– $250
2- Unicorn Table Lamp Gold from Pillowfort- $35
3- Scandi Flower Modern Art Print from Little Design Haus- $24
Emerson Rides Art Print from Petit Pippin- $24-$36
4- Simple Scallop Wall Shelves– $29 each
5- Golden Glow Yellow (0814) from Lullaby Paints- $59 a gallon
6- Redford House Swedish Dresser in Robin’s Egg Blue– $2387
7- Larkin Gold Crib– $600
Floral Rush Crib Fitted Sheet– $19
8- A Teepee to Call Your Own Multi Dot– $160
9- Bailey Handcrafted Bear Softie from Petit Pippin- $74
Diamond Hand Woven Jute Slate Blue Rug 8′ x 11′-  $635
10- Slipcovered Glider in Kelsey Blossom– $1500
Floral Rush Sham– $19
Labyrinth Seagrass Basket– $45

As usual, we have a whole Pinterest board full of additional options and products to round out your Golden Glow Yellow Nursery.

Thanks to Lullaby Paints for sponsoring our nursery board series. Safe for baby and the environment, Lullaby Paints are the perfect choice for your modern nursery. For more nursery color inspiration, follow Lullaby Paints on Pinterest. It’s so much fun to work with them on these nursery boards and come up with great modern nurseries using their baby-safe colors.

Let me know if you like this one and send me suggestions for what you’d like to see next month!

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