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Nursery Registry Picks

After the newborn basics (which we covered last week), my favorite part of preparing for baby is arranging the nursery. Of course a nursery doesn’t have to be a separate room just for baby. Your nursery could be part of a shared children’s room, it could be a corner of your own bedroom, we’ve even seen nurseries in the closet! Wherever baby is going to sleep as they grow and the area where you’ll keep most of their things can be considered the nursery.

The number one purchase, and the focal point of any nursery is the crib. Most people will select a full-size crib but there are also mini-cribs for smaller spaces. You can extend the lifespan of your crib by choosing one that can convert to a toddler bed or even a full-sized bed. Depending on the number and spacing of your children, you can really get a lot of use out of a crib. With two boys and a toddler bed conversion, we used ours for 7 years straight!

Babyletto Gray Husdon Crib
Pictured: Babyletto Hudson Crib

Once you’ve got the crib picked out, you can dress it up with your bedding choices. Your favorite pattern can be the inspiration for the entire nursery or you can select solid color crib sheets to coordinate with the room. Either way, I recommend you have a minimum of three sheets to cover laundry emergencies.

freehand crib bedding at The Land of Nod
Pictured: Freehand Crib Bedding from The Land of Nod

One of my favorite registry items is a bouncer and after a place to sleep, a safe and comfortable place to sit is your next priority. As much as you love to cuddle and carry your newborn, sometimes you just need to put them down. When picking a bouncer, think about how and where you’d like to use it in your home and consider how portable you need it to be.

4moms mamaRoo
Pictured: 4moms mamaRoo

The next most important nursery area to consider is the changing area. This can be as simple as a mat on the ground or a full dresser with changing platform and many things in between. You can pick whatever fits your home and your lifestyle. If the nursery is upstairs, consider a secondary changing area on the first floor.

Pictured: Pottery Barn Extra Wide Dresser and Topper Set

A rocking chair or glider is highly optional, but if you have the space for one you won’t regret having it. We still have one in our bedroom and it’s the most comfortable seat in the house. If you can, try to find one that you could see yourself falling asleep in. I also like having an ottoman with it so that you can put your feet up.

Monte Como Glider
Pictured: Monte Design Como Glider

Finally, while baby will be perfectly happy playing on a blanket on the floor, the time they spend on their playmat will become some of your most memorable hours. I still have one of the toys that hung from our play gym stashed away somewhere as a precious memento.

Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym
Pictured: Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym

To review, in order of importance, to help get your nursery ready, I recommend adding the following items to your registry list:

Nursery Registry

Your nursery can be as basic or as elaborate as you like. Babylist has put together a series “Best of Guides” that include the top picks of thousands of parents to help you make a great choice for your nursery. They have guides for Cribs, Crib Sheets, Bouncers and Swings, Changing Tables and Pads and Playmats, and you can add your favorite products to your Babylist Baby Registry.

Thanks to Babylist for sponsoring this informative series. Next week, in part 3, we’ll get you ready to leave the house and travel with baby!


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