4moms at ABC Kids Expo 2014

As is becoming their annual tradition, 4moms had an Apple-style presentation at ABC Kids Expo to demonstrate and share their new styles and features. There were no new products ready to show this year (no news yet about the car seat or Origami Go), but I hope they’re working on some fun innovations behind the scenes.

What they DID announce this year was the fact that they’ve made the Breeze 6 pounds lighter.  As its weight is my #1 issue with the easy-to-use Breeze, this is great news.

They also demonstrated the mamaRoo updates for 2015.

2015 mamaRoo from 4moms

They just keep perfecting this already amazing product.  The display screen is larger and the look is a little more streamlined, but most importantly, there’s now an app to control your mamaRoo remotely from your phone or tablet!

If you can delay your MamaRoo purchase until January, do it!

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