HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

I know that my readers are always looking for an amazing co-sleeping or room sharing option for their newborns, so I’m thrilled that you can now pre-order the HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper.  The elusive Culla Belly Co-Sleeper has been teasing us for years, and while the Halo Bassinest isn’t as stunning, it is infinitely more practical.

Many co-sleepers attach to the side of the bed making it really difficult to scoot out to the bathroom or to check on other children in the night, but the HALO Bassinest rotates and even swivels out of the way.  This also makes it easy to access or put down your baby from any angle.


The Bassinest features mesh walls, a nightlight and sidewalls that can be lowered and then will raise back up automatically.  I can’t sufficiently explain the benefit of all these handy features, so take a look at the video to get the whole idea.

I think the sound and lullaby options are a bit much and I’m not crazy about the fabric design on it, but this is a really great start with a revolutionary new design.  It’s not an unattractive bassinet and its function trumps the style shortcomings.  It beats the pack-n-play we kept in our bedroom for baby #2 and is quite a bit more practical than rolling the Bugaboo up next to the bed at night like we did with baby #1!

We’ve been waiting for this release since we were introduced to the Bassinest at last year’s ABC Kids Expo, and I’m excited to finally get to share it with you.

Halo Bassinest ABC Kids Expo 2013

The HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is available for pre-order at select retailers nationwide.  Get this one on your registry now!

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