BM Plural & Singular

Usually the ultra modern European kid spaces aren’t anything more than eye candy, but sometimes you can find a retailer out there ready to bring these to those of you who must have something really different.

BM Plural and Singular is a Spanish company that designs and creates practical space-saving collections with that distinctly European modern style.  These collections are all about customizing your color combinations and being really bold with your child’s space.  The collections aren’t for everyone, but I could see these for parents who live in Miami high rises for example.

Composition Baby 01 includes the convertible crib / platform bed, handrail, crib mattress, changer, 2 drawer facebox, toy box, armoire and knobs for $4450.  The main colors you can choose from are artic, coral, aqua and sun and then there are 16 accent color options.  The stool and giraffe decal are available as optional accessories.

Composition Baby 01 by BM Plural & Singular

Composition Baby 02 is designed for a shared room and includes 2 convertible crib / platform beds, 2 handrails, 2 crib mattresses, changer, two 2 drawer boxes and two 1 drawer boxes for $5000.  The vinyl decals are also available.
Composition Baby 02 by BM Plural & Singular

Composition Baby 03 is $3275…

babygeared-Composition Baby 03 by BM Plural & Singular_2262_51705360

… and Composition Baby 04 is a bunk bed system for $3075

Composition Baby 04 by BM Plural & Singular

I found these at babygeared.

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