Coming Soon: Special and Limited Edition Clek at ABC Kids 2013

I don’t post about car seats often because they are more about safety than style.  I want you to find the safest car seat that best fits your children and your vehicle– not the most beautiful.  But Clek not only has some of the sleekest most beautiful car seats and boosters, they really are among the safest.

So knowing that these exceed safety expectations, check out these beautiful leather editions.  Both the black (Cooper) and the tan (Paige) will be available on the Foonf, Oobr and Olli seats.  I really like the idea of matching your car seats to the interior of your car so I’m a big fan of these.

Clek Leather editions

What was really getting people’s attention though were these Tokidoki Limited Edition seats.  Paul Frank is being phased out and these are on their way in.  There are three different Tokidoki patterns for the Oobr, Foonf and Olli.  Rebel is the darkest one, All Over is the most colorful, and Travel is the lightest in color.

Clek Tokidoki Special Edition Car Seats and Boosters

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