My Modern Nursery: Get the Look: The Animal Print Shop Baby Elephant Nursery

Yesterday we toured an incredible modern nursery designed and put together by the folks from The Animal Print Shop and inspired by their new Baby Elephant print.  Today I’ve got a list of sources so you can recreate this look in your own nursery!

1- Baby Elephant from The Animal Print Shop- 24″ x 30″- $950
2- Eames Hang-It-All (was spray painted yellow)- $200
3- Dip dyed tassel garland by Ouchflower- $180
4- Dagny Curtains from Ikea- $60 a pair
5- Fest Blanket by Mae Engelgeer- $165
6- Auggie Pebble Grey Crib Sheet– $45
7- Oeuf Rhea crib (Oeuf Robin in the actual room)- $670
8- Bear Cub Close-Up from The Animal Print Shop- 8.5 x 11″- $25
9- Eames Elephant – White– $330
10- Watermelon vs Mandarin Circle Cushion from Jennifer + Smith- $130
Whale Music Mobile from Ferm Living- $46

Total pictured: $2801

One of my favorite parts of the entire space is the beautiful “Roxy” chair from onefortythree– $425

Hopefully they’ll make this rocker for a while because I’d really love to add it to my list of modern rocking chairs.  For $425 it’s the least expensive on the list.   I’d get yours now because when they wise up, they’re bound to double the price!  The brass swing arm lamp in the room is also from onefortythree and the least expensive brass swing arm lamp I could find online at $145.

Not pictured: Ikea Ribba picture ledges as book display shelves- $10 each and some of the stylish books on display include:

Lost and Found– $18
Bruno Munari’s ABC– $20
Sparkle and Spin: A Book About Words– $17
Where the Wild Things Are– $18
This Moose Belongs to Me– $17
Press Here– $16

Feel free to judge the books by their covers, because the covers are works of art!

So what’s your favorite part of this special nursery?

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