Get the Look FOR LESS: The Animal Print Shop Baby Elephant Nursery

Yesterday’s pictured items from The Animal Print Shop Baby Elephant Nursery totaled $2801.  Today we’re going to do slightly better, saving almost half with a total of $1474.  See what we did to get you the look for less.

1- Baby Elephant from The Animal Print Shop- 16″ x 20″- $350 (the bigger the better)
2- Control Brands Hang-It-All (since you’re painting it anyway)- $99
3- Tasseled Garland from Prost to the Host- $35
4- Dagny Curtains from Ikea- $60 a pair (same because they’re reasonable
Themis Prisim Mobile– $40
5- Little Remix Blanket from Ferm Living- $82
6- Auggie Pebble Grey Crib Sheet– $45 (same because it’s reasonable)
7- Oliv Crib from Spot on Square– $575
8- Bear Cub Close-Upfrom The Animal Print Shop- 8.5 x 11″- $25
9- Manny & Simon Elephant Step Stool– $90
10- Future Globes 003 Pillow and Cover– $27
Whale Music Mobile from Ferm Living- $46 (same because it’s reasonable)

To finish off the space I would absolutely use the same rocker and brass lamp because they make a huge statement at a truly reasonable price.

Which room would you go for– the original, the less expensive one or a combination of the two?  Where would you splurge and where might you save?

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