Dream Car by Huzi

Every so often there’s a Kickstarter project that I can’t ignore.  You are going to want these modern toy cars from Huzi, so go ahead and support them now!  These gorgeous wooden cars feature a magnetic connecting system and chalkboard paint finish so you can assemble them and decorate them how you like.

As of today with 31 days to go, the Dream Car is more than a third of the way to its Kickstarter goal.  Think of these as heirloom toys since you need to pledge $260 to get a full set of 4.  But if you have to have them, get them now because the projected retail price is $440.  At the minimum, I recommend choosing one set for $65 (will retail for $100-120).

These are going to be very hard for me to resist.  A girl can dream, right?  Thanks to Puj for the info.

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