My Modern Nursery #64: Train Nursery Inspired By Ferm Living

Over a year ago I received a request for assistance with a train themed nursery.  I tinkered around with the idea a bit, but I couldn’t find anything to really get me excited about the idea and inspire me.  Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Ferm Living site studying all their new items and thinking about what I could add in my own home.  Then the Tiny Train Wallpaper really jumped out at me and I finally put two and two together.  Ferm Living + Tiny Trains = the perfect inspiration!

1- Tiny Trains Wallpaper from Ferm Living– $110 a roll
The Dorm from Ferm Living– $140
2- Victory Pendant Lamp from CB2- $180
3- Lovely, Love My Family in yellow from Tuesday Mourning- $25
Traveling Elephants from Violet May- $28
Handpainted Art in Embroidery Hoop from Hey Caddywhompus- $20
4- Oeuf Rhea Crib, Walnut/White– $670
5- Vintage Toy Train from The Wild Burro
6- Oeuf Merlin Dresser in Walnut– $920
7- Walk Softly Rug from The Land of Nod- 8’x10′- $700
8- Lillabo 20-piece basic train set from Ikea- $10
9- Harlequin (Mint) Bedding from Ferm Living- $80
Ferm Living Organic Birdie Pillow
– $46
10- Haven Swivel Glider from Crate & Barrel- $1200
Ferm Living Organic Dotty Pillow in Yellow– $70

After finishing this design this weekend, what did I spot in my Google+ feed (yes, I still use Google+ a bit!)?  It was a nursery designed by My Tiny Nest on Project Nursery that used the same inspiration!  If you want to see how fantastic the wallpaper looks in photos, you have to head over there.  Great minds think alike!

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