Top 10 Modern Humidifiers For You This Winter

We had a rough time over winter vacation with much of the family being sick.  There were even a couple nights when I wanted to sleep with a humidifier in the room, but my little one needed it more.

Humidifiers are one of those funny items that every family with kids should have, but you kinda just go grab one when you need it.  The first time we needed one, I just ran over to Target and grabbed the nicest one they had that day.  If you plan ahead, you can do a little better and get something you might actually like.

Here are my top 10 modern humidifier picks for those of you interested in being prepared…

1- Crane Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidifier– $50 (5 color choices)
2- Stadler Form ANTON Ultrasonic Humidifier– $140 (4 color choices)
3- PlusMinusZero Humidifier Version 3– $330
4- Stadler Form FRED Steam Humidifier– $130 (5 color choices)
5- Nearmore Hybrid Aroma Humidifier– $150 (in ivory or green)
6- Stadler Form OSKAR Evaporative Humidifier– $150 (in black or white)
7- Chimney Humidifier by Takeshi Ishiguro- $200
8- Mood Ultrasonic and Hybric Humidifiers– $130 or $190 (3 colors of each)
9- ICHIRIN Aroma Mist Humidifier– $170
10- Middle Colors Humidifier– $120-180 depending on size (LOTS of colors to choose from)

I also can’t help but love the Adorable Humidifiers from Crane.

We got the penguin one from Target and used it until something in it broke.  Then the next time I had to run and grab one from Target (the store is VERY close to the house), I picked up the Blue Drop humidifier.  One of my kids came up with the brilliant idea of putting the penguin head on the Drop body and it works perfectly!

It’s not too late to get a great humidifier for the dry air this winter!

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