New Nursery Furniture Collections from Spot on Square

Wait!  If you’re shopping for nursery furniture, don’t place an order until you take a look at these new collections from Spot on Square!

First is the Ulm Collection.  Inspired by mid-century modern design, the simple but beautiful crib and dresser sit on tapered solid birch legs.  The crib retails for $800 and the dresser is $850 plus $230 for a changing tray if you need one.  There’s also a toddler bed conversion for $250.

The Oliv Collection reminds me of Oeuf’s Robin collection with some stylistic differences.  Like the Robin collection from Oeuf, Oliv is the lowest priced set in the Spot on Square family.  The Oliv crib retails for $575 and the dresser/changer is $625.  There is also a toddler bed conversion for $175.

Spot on Sqare’s Eicho collection has been updated a bit as well.  From what I can see, it just looks like the dresser has been changed a bit.

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