New from Jonathan Adler Junior!

2013 welcomes lots of new additions to the Jonathan Adler Junior collection.  I’m having a tough time picking my favorite!

These printed canvas pillows include a feather/down insert and are an affordable way to add some Jonathan Adler style to a child’s space.

Junior Elephant Pillow, Junior Lion Pillow, Junior Owl Pillow $38 each

The colors of these new banks are spectacular.  Add one of these to a shelf for a stylish display.

Junior Owl Bank, Junior Lion Bank, Junior Elephant Bank, Junior Sailor Mermaid Bank $78 each

The crocheted creatures are large, handcrafted decor pieces.  The elephant measures 18″x11″x22″ and the owl measures 18″x11″x11″.

Junior Crocheted Elephant $348, Junior Crocheted Owl $248

The canvas storage bins come in large and small sizes and in pink or blue.

Blue Junior Canvas Storage and Pink Junior Canvas Storage $98 to $138

Finally, there’s a blue and a pink 3’x5′ flat woven cotton rug.

Blue Junior Printed Rug and Pink Junior Printed Rug $165

Would you add some Jonathan Adler style to your nursery?  Have you?  Send pictures!

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