Quick and Easy Seasonal Switcheroos for the Nursery

For me, decorating for the holidays got so much better after my son was born just over 18 months ago. Now he notices everything and loves it. There is something so wonderful about sharing holiday traditions and the warmth and love that come with them when you have a family. Here are three easy ways to add seasonal decor to your nursery or children’s rooms.

1. Seasonal art

Buy one nice frame for your nursery or child’s room. Then just switch out the print in the frame as seasons change.

Baby’s First Thanksgiving print including baby’s footprints by Pitter Patter Print on Etsy ($30) would be a fun one to bring in year after year as a reminder of how little your sweetie once was.

Autumn Pumpkin watercolor print ($25) by Apple Sprout Studios is a simple, clean option that could go in the nursery or could easily work with other adult rooms in the house.

Roolaroo Designs also offers some cute fall prints for children featuring animals (4 for $45). While these prints have a fall flavor to them, they would also make great art all year round.

Or for the least expensive option, you can do what I do! I purchase seasonal scrapbook paper from Archivers or craft stores and simply frame it.

2. Throw pillows or stuffed animals

Soft Tree throw pillows ($35 and up) by Palomita on Etsy are an easy way to add Autumn to the nursery. Toss it on the floor, in the rocker or glider or even on a bookshelf or dresser.

This hedgehog print throw pillow ($39) by Earth Lab on Etsy comes in the colors I think of when I think of fall or Thanksgiving.

3. Embellish your nursery with seasonal garland, banners or bunting

This Felt Fall garland by Modern Simple Baby ($34.50) on Etsy would be a subtle touch. You could hang it on a wall shelf or even your curtain rods.

This Be Thankful Banner ($18) by Lulu and Jayne is simple and a good reminder for all of us. It would be great over a mirror or on any empty wall.

The Paper Circles Garland from The Path Less Traveled on Etsy ($8) is an easy addition to your nursery. The pom and paper lantern cluster craze in nursery design is the perfect place to add seasonal elements. String it through your cluster.

I’d love to know about your favorite ways to make your home change with the seasons.

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