New and Notable from Babyhome

Last year Babyhome was completely new to the US, so I wasn’t expecting too much excitement from them this year.

I was surprised when this incredible collaboration between Babyhome and Oilo stopped me in my tracks!

This Dream┬ábassinet comes in oilo’s Cobblestone pattern. You could buy yourself a Cobblestone Sheet Set and Duvet Set to match with the Dream in your bedroom!

This limited edition Dream will retail for about $340.

The Dream will also be available in this new turquoise blue color as well as white. ($300)

The other notable addition to Babyhome’s collection is the new Side Light bed rail. The Side Light improves on Babyhome’s Side bed rail by adding a mild LED light on the upper bar. The Side Light will retail for $100, while the Side is $80.

I think we’re going to be needing one of these soon!

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