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I can’t believe that we’ve already reached October and are starting the 4th quarter of the year!  Even my 6 year old just said that 2012 is going by very quickly.  The final quarter of the year is very busy for me with ABC Kids Expo, Halloween, both my children’s birthdays, Thanksgiving, and the winter holidays.  It’s a lot of fun, but things are going to get crazy!

To help me through this busy and exciting last quarter, I’m welcoming a new blog sponsor this month.  I’m thrilled to welcome my friends at Olli & Lime to my lovely family of blog supporters.  I’ve been a fan of theirs all along and it’s fulfilling when the feeling is mutual.

It’s been fun to watch as Olli & Lime have gone through some exciting transitions like moving to the US and tweaking their collections.

They have recently even added twin bedding sets for all their ranges.

I hear we may have a fourth range coming soon as well as some other really cool changes, so keep your eye out for those!  I’ll share them as soon as pictures become available.


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