Rhapsody Modern Playhouse from CedarWorks

It’s the last day of school here and so to me, summer beings tomorrow!  While I’m obsessed with finding the perfect outdoor playhouse, I couldn’t help noticing this fantastic INDOOR playhouse from CedarWorks.

I’m slightly offended by their apologetic copy where they begin their description of the Rhapsody Modern Playhouse by saying, “Not everyone will like our Modern Playhouse…”  Ooookay.  Not everyone likes ANYTHING, even chocolate (gasp!), but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.

The Rhapsody Modern Playhouse is available for $795 plus $125-$195 shipping, depending on your location.  Now if they would only adapt this modern style to their outdoor playsets, they’d have a customer in me, no matter what kind of description they wrote.

If you’re one who doesn’t like the modern playhouse, perhaps their Rhapsody Classic Playhouse is more your style (but then again, if that were the case you wouldn’t likely be reading this blog- heh).  ($895 plus $125-$195)

I think this one is totally cute too.

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