Top 25 Home Design Moms 2012 from Circle of Moms

It was a very exciting day.  If you follow me on twitter and Facebook you MAY have noticed me shamelessly pleading for votes for Circle of Moms’ list of Top 25 Home Design Moms 2012.  I really hate getting caught up in these contests but as I kept meeting my goals and advancing up the list, it became just feasible that I could somehow collect enough votes to make the list.

Now WHY would I be interested in this intangible honor?  There’s no crown, no magic traffic spike, not even an awards dinner to attend. First, it’s the badge.  I collected a few of these badges for my blog last year, but 2012 was a little slow in that department.  One of my friends suggested it’s a remnant of the girl scouts.  You get a badge, and it shows you’ve really accomplished something.  Sometimes with blogging it’s hard to see that you’ve accomplished anything.  You spend a lot of time and effort gathering your information and presenting it in posts, but if nobody visits your site or acknowledges what you’ve done then have you really accomplished anything?  Sometimes the collection of badges shows that SOMEONE or even a FEW someones see what you’re up to and maybe even admire your efforts.  Second, if there’s a chance that a few new readers and fans might discover BuyModernBaby because of my presence on the list of Top 25 Home Design Moms, then there’s nothing more valuable in my blogging life than that.

Yes, those readers, fans and friends are what keep me going.  You all are precious and wonderful and came out of the woodwork for me today to ensure that I would make that list of top 25.  It was a wonderful day and week even just hearing from so many of you, and I was so gratified to be reminded of all the lovely people who have connected with me over the past 2+ years that I’ve been blogging here.  You’re the ones I love to chat with on twitter, the ones who leave messages on my Facebook posts, the ones who leave me a comment on my posts, who email me with your questions, repin my pins and heart my Instagram photos.  You make me feel connected to the wider world and today have really come together in a wave of incredible support.

If you were watching, it was a photo finish with the bottom 3 places on the list all tied with 267 votes.  Each and every one of your votes made it happen for me in the last minute.  If just ONE of you hadn’t made the effort you did, I would have fallen behind and found myself back in unsung 26th place.  Thank you so much for your support each and every day and for coming together for me in this crazy vote gathering attempt.  I promise to TRY and not get caught up in another contest again too soon.  And now, the debut of my new badge…

Thanks.  And now back to my less wordy posts with lots more pictures- just how you like ’em!

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