Help Deborah Choose A Rug

Deborah wrote to me in a bit of a shopping/decorating panic.  She’s pretty much got the basics of her little boy’s nursery picked out as shown below, but she just can’t settle on a rug.  She was thinking about a zig zag pattern rug and I came up with a few other options myself.  Let’s help her choose!

Which rug do you like best with the room?

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Here are the rest of the items in the space….

1- DwellStudio Crib Set, Owls– $360
2- Dwellstudio Silhouette Frame, Aqua Owl– $40
3- Owl Lamp Nightlight– $49
4- Handknit Blabla Blue Cloud Throw Pillow– $62
5- Hagalund Sofa Bed from Ikea– $480
6- Kartell Componibili Round Tower – Three Doors– $160
7- Pompom Pillow from Urban Outfitters– $24

I’ve done another design with DwellStudio’s Owls bedding so you can find more ideas there as well.  Do YOU have any other decor ideas for Deborah?

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