What Did You Buy New For Baby #2

I have two little boys and my sister-in-law is about to have her second, so I’m thinking about hand-me-downs.  When my second was born, there were many people asking what that could buy for him.  I had a lot of trouble coming up with any suggestions because we already had everything we needed for a little boy.  I was actually happy to have the chance to get more use out of the things that we had in the house.

We reused the bathtub, the crib, the clothes, stroller, glider… everything, really!  There were family members who complained that baby #2 should enjoy new things all of their own, and while I wanted to celebrate #2 just as much as #1, it didn’t make sense to me to re-purchase things that we already owned.

The question is constantly revisited during the holidays when people are thinking about what to buy for my boys.  Since my oldest already has all the best toys, what is there left to buy for the little one?

So I put the question out to the rest of you…

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5 thoughts on “What Did You Buy New For Baby #2

  1. having just had this conversation with a friend, she was saying things like sheets, towels, or other soft goods is what she wanted new for the second child. Things that might have been a little stained or gotten dingy with use.

  2. I voted for stroller (or pram as we call it in Oz). Simply for the fact that my 2 were close together and I needed a double!
    I do feel sorry for my #2 son because he does use everything we had for our eldest, but it is nice not to be waisting anything. Although I do like to spoil #2 with better brands of clothing on the odd occassion (given the boys were born in opposite seasons).

  3. I’m helping to throw a small shower for my friend for her second. I think it’s still nice to be able to get together and celebrate even though she doesn’t need too much stuff. Shes registering for diapers and wipes and more cloth diapers because now she has a wager and dryer so it’s more feasible.

  4. This posting is very unique and really makes all the mothers think as to whether it is necessary to spend money to buy stuff for the younger ones.And..lovely snaps too.

  5. My second baby is due any day now. I already have a 2.5 year old son.
    Does anyone have any tips on the best way of introducing my new baby to my toddler?

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