Pinch Me: Editors’ Pick for Best Toys and Gear Blog in Parents Best Blog Awards 2011

It’s not often that an email gets your head spinning.  I got one this morning.

It was just an ordinary morning running errands with my family.  It was between our trip to Costco and our next stop at the car dealership when I checked my email (no, I wasn’t driving).  So I found something along the lines of, “The results are in! Parents Best Blog Awards 2011…”  “Oh cool” I thought, “I’m pretty sure I made it into the top 10 in that one” (thanks to my wonderful fans and friends!!).  But I was interested in seeing the complete results.  So I read on and…. what?!  Editors’ Pick for Best Toys and Gear Blog!!  It’s too exciting and thrilling for words!  I am surprised and grateful and excited and just so happy for the recognition.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

They’ve got this nifty slideshow of all the winners and I’m on page 18.

Now I get to display this cute little badge.  I wish it was bigger!

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