New Puzzle Playhouse from Modern Playhouse

Our favorite modern playhouse company, with the perfectly appropriate name, Modern Playhouse, has come out with a brand new design.  The Puzzle Playhouse ($650) can be assembled without tools and then can be easily taken apart and stored in a closet or even under a bed.  I love the concept since I’m pretty sure that most homes don’t have the space to keep a playhouse up full time– we don’t!

The Puzzle Furniture Set includes a fold up table and stools for $260, but if you order your Puzzle Playhouse before November 1st, 2011, you’ll get the furniture set for free!

I’m actually shocked that I never posted about their other playhouses before.

Take a look at the Circle Playhouse ($1300),

… and the Wedge Playhouse ($1100).

None of their playhouses are meant to be used outdoors, but that would be a great idea for their next design.  I have a whole lot more room in the yard than I do in my house!

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