New from Argington at ABC Kids Expo 2011

I often find myself in the cheering section for Argington.  With great, original designs at a reasonable price point, there’s a lot to cheer for.

Walking the aisles at ABC Kids Expo this year, it was hard to miss the new color for Argington’s Bam Bam crib and Bam Six Drawer Dresser.  At first I was a little shocked, but it’s actually a really interesting shade of green that would be fun to work with.

By the way, the Bam Bam crib is finally available and will appear on Argington’s website in a few weeks.

The Sahara Crib is also featuring a new gray and white color combo and is shown here with Gingko bedding, which should be available soon.

The other new organic crib bedding sets, Planes & Clouds and Silhouettes (shown below), should also be available very shortly.

I’ll keep you up to date of course!

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