New CB2 in the Nursery: Fall 2011

As usual, CB2’s got tons of fun furnishings and decor items that work great for nurseries and kids’ spaces.  First I have to let you know that the hopscotch rug is back!

This is a fun choice, especially with gray being as popular as it is.

I also like the Lolli Rug

and this Satellite Rug is speaking to me.  Don’t be surprised if you see it in a future inspiration board.

These are some interesting pillows to have fun with (Dearest, Squirrelly and Hey Hey– left to right).

When I was planning our nursery, I had the hardest time finding a great armoire.  These two wardrobes are exciting new choices for some great storage.  On the left you’ve got the Monolith Red Wardrobe and the Veer Wardrobe (love this one!) is on the right.

Finally, I know you’ve been looking for a modern cuckoo clock, right?  Here ya go… CB2’s Cuckoo Clock.

Use your imagination and see what else inspires you in CB2’s new fall additions.

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