They Posted These So I Don’t Have To

These are some of my favorite posts from around the web over the past week.

I really liked seeing the DwellStudio wall decals in Baby Ainslie’s nursery on ohdeedoh.

Kenziepoo’s “Turn This Room Into An Outfit” posts always rock.  I especially like this one because I love that particular photo of Ruby and Sebastian’s Room.

Paul & Paula posted “A few etsy favorites” and found a great collection of fun things.  I am seriously considering these ice cream stamps.  Very cute!

Finally, Chic & Cheap Nursery had some great inspiration and tips for creating your own “Rock Star Bookcase“.  These ideas could be applied very well in a nursery!

So that’s my final post before we leave for vacation this afternoon.  I’ve got a fun-filled week planned for you here though.  A full schedule of guest posts will keep you inspired and informed.  Just wait and see!

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