Etsy Find: Heavenly Creatures Art

If you’re looking for some sophisticated animal nursery art, I’ve found a great option for you.  Helen Ann Marie Jones of HamjArt on etsy has some beautiful work.

She sells animal notecards, jewelry, totes and prints in her etsy shop, but you should particularly take a look at the 8 x 10 and 11 x 14 prints.  My favorites are the parent and child pieces with a white background.  They are sweet, simple and beautiful.  You can choose your favorite or put together a grouping.  These five prints are just a sampling of the collection.

Hippo Art- Papa and Bebe 8″ x 10″- $10
Alpaca Art- Madre and Bambino 11″ x 14″- $16
Elephant Art- Big Daddy 4 11″ x 14″- $16
Polar Bear Art- Polar Express 11″ x 14″- $16
Sheep Art- Mama and Bebe 11″ x 14″- $16

The only problem with these prints is that I don’t think she’s charging enough for them!  You can learn more about Heavenly Creatures Art on and stay up to date on her latest work.


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