They Posted These So I Don’t Have To

These are some of my favorite posts from around the web over the past week.

Nursery Notations shared some fabulous inspiration boards designed by Jennifer DeLonge that were published in the latest issue of the online magazine, Nesting Newbies.
Nicole shared pictures of Toy Storage in Eleanor’s New Room on Making it Lovely.  I’ve had that Land of Nod Mojo play table on my wish list for a very long time now and I really like the Oak Park Elementary Bookcases (as well as the rest of the Oak Park collection).  It’s exciting to see them used in an actual (and very lovely) space.

There’s an abundance of colorful treasures in this Shared Nursery/Bedroom on Spearmint Baby! There’s a lot to love in this space.
Mari discovered these dolls from Kra Kra Craft in A Scarf Above the Rest on Small For Big.  Yet another reason I need a little girl.
Lauren, of With Two Cats, shared these Simply Adorable photos of the fabric decals from Chocovenyl.  How can you not love those hot air balloons?  The vintage looking cars are something to consider as well!
Enjoy all these great posts and have a terrific weekend and a very happy Mother’s Day!  We will be celebrating with a three day weekend that includes a visit from my parents 🙂
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