My Mothers Day Wish List

Just a few items that are on my wish list.  They’d make great Mothers Day (or any day) gifts for this mom here.


1- A pair of High Seat Beach Chairs for visits to the seaside, playing with the neighbors in the driveway or even just watching the kids run through the sprinklers in the backyard. $60 each

2- GEEK recycled wood sign from William Dohman.  I’ve logged enough hours at the computer to have earned this one.  It belongs right up on the office wall. $42

3- Toms Kenya Stripe Women’s Wedges (size 7.5).  I love my red and white stripe wedges so I’m eager to add another pair to the collection.  $69

4- Every mom, and in particular moms who blog, needs a great camera bag.  I pick a Kelly Boy Bag in brown from Kelly Moore.  If it gets too heavy, my husband wouldn’t even mind carrying this one around. $199

While I don’t expect to get any of these this year for Mothers Day, I already got something that’s even better- iPad 2, baby!  But my birthday is coming up at the end of the month so…

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