Kids Konserve Earth Day Giveaway Results

Happy Earth Day everyone!  Thanks to all who entered the giveaway to win a Reusable Lunch Kit from Kids Konserve.  There were so many great lunch suggestions.  Just print out the list of comments to refer to when you’re in a lunch rut!

The randomly generated winner is Scott who would fill the Lunch Kit with an organic “bird bread” sandwich with lightlife veggie baloney, tofutti cream cheese, and organic pickles, a bunch of organic grapes, a handful of garden of eatin’ chips, and homemade fresh organic lemonade to drink.

You all were making me so hungry with your lunch suggestions and I just WISH my 5 yo would eat something other than PB&J with a side of pretzel sticks (which we have to pack for him EVERY DAY!).

You really do have to go read through the entry comments for some inspiring lunch ideas!

Thanks to Kids Konserve for sponsoring this great giveaway.  They have a great selection of products to make waste-free lunch packing a cinch!  Through the end of April using the coupon code “reuse2011″ to get 20% off your purchase from Kids Konserve.

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